Disbursement dates apply only to students who have received a Financial Aid Award Notification.

The notification will be sent to the student's Message Center at:

Late applicants and late paperwork submissions may delay, or change, your financial aid award.  In some cases missing a deadline may result in a loss of qualification for aid.

If you are awarded financial aid after the semester has started, book advance dates, and financial aid/loan disbursement dates may not apply to you. Financial aid funds will not be deposited to your bank account or be available on your Maricopa ONE Card until after you are awarded.

Allow 2-7 business days for refunds to deposit to your bank account or Maricopa ONE Debit Card. It may take up to 15 days to receive mailed checks.

Check online at under Account Inquiry for Drop/Add deadlines and tuition due dates.

Priority deadline to submit SAP appeal and/or MTF appeal forms

If your appeal and/or maximum timeframe is submitted by the priority deadline it is highly likely that a decision will be made by the beginning of the semester.  However, the financial aid processing time-frame may take a minimum of at least 30 business days after the appeal decision has been made.

Semester deadline to submit SAP appeal and/or MTF appeal forms

Each semester, or term, has a deadline to submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal and/or a Maximum Time Frame (MTF) appeal forms for financial aid consideration.  Failure to submit the required appeals form, or forms, by the semester deadline date will result is loss of financial aid eligibility for the semester.  Late appeals will still be reviewed and if approved, financial aid consideration will be moved forward to the subsequent semester or term. 

What will delay my money?

  • Changes in your enrollment status: you drop or withdraw from a class, or a classes you registered for is canceled.
  • Having all late-start classes
  • Special student status:
    MCC Admissions & Records office must classify you as a regular degree-seeking student. 
  • An incorrect, or out of state address (please update on your Student Center at:
  • Financial Aid holds due to lack of:
    • The Loan Entrance Counseling.
    • Necessary financial aid documents or forms.
    • Un-graded and incomplete classes from previous semester.
    • A new Department of Education regulation now prohibits our office from disbursing additional financial aid until all classes have been completed and graded from previous semesters.