Checking Your Financial Aid Status

 After you've submitted your FAFSA, your Student Center is where you will check the status of your financial aid. 

Message Center button within the Student Center at This is where a student can access their messages. PIcture of the To Do List which is found at your online Student Center at This is where you can view your specific To Do List items needed for financial aid, advisement, admisions and records. You can click on each To Do List item to find out what you must do to complete it.

Message Center

Important information regarding your financial aid will be sent to your Message Center. Your Message Center is located within your Student Center at  It's very important that you regularly check your Message Center for new messages. 

To Do List 

Your To Do List is located on the right-side of your Student Center.  When we receive your FAFSA information, items may be placed on your To Do List.  Click on each To Do List item to get information, instructions, or additional links that will help you complete the item. You can check on the status of To Do List items you've completed or submitted by clicking on “more” within the To Do List section.

You will not be offered financial aid until all To Do List items are completed and removed from your To Do List.  Continue to check your To Do List and Message Center at least once a week. New To Do List items and messages may show up at any time.