Community Engagement Assistant

Students who hold a Community Engagement Assistant position within the Center for Community & Civic Engagement must qualify for federal financial aid (Pell grant).

Job Responsibilities:

  • Answering phones
  • Taking messages
  • Communication with students, faculty, staff and community members
  • Typing, photocopying, faxing
  • Completing projects and assignments as needed

When sufficient knowledge of the program is gained, the position will assist clients with questions about programs and services offered by the department.

Job Qualifications:

  • Ability to follow written and oral instructions
  • Work independently while recognizing situations which require supervisors’ attention
  • Basic knowledge of computer applications and office equipment
  • Possess appropriate entry-level telephone and communication skills

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Student Quotes

"My experience working for the Center for Community & Civic Engagement has been wonderful. The staff is great to work alongside as they are helpful in my tasks and involved to what is important to me. Like most students, federal work study helps me pay for educational expenses but it also helps me grow and develop as an employee in my chosen field. Having other commitments with activities on and off campus the office is flexible and understanding of my specific needs as a busy student. My job creates a great environment to be more familiarized with MCC staff and to make use of provided school services. As I gain more knowledge about some of these services my experience as a student is enhanced and I receive greater opportunities for my future. However, the most rewarding aspect of my employment is helping make a difference to students and the community. Being involved in this department helps me gain the skills needed to be a better student, a successful employee and to be an engaged citizen in my community." - Lucas Bodine

"My experience working as a student worker for the Center for Community & Civic Engagement has been great so far. This is my first office setting-type job I've had. Through working here, I've learned a lot about what kinds of services and opportunities MCC has to offer to its students. I have also learned and am continuing to learn how to communicate the information I've learned to students."

- Wes Pitchford

"My job as a student worker offers many opportunities to get involved with our campus and our students. I help students who come in to our office for guidance with completing their Independent and In-Course Modules paperwork, as well as choosing an agency.

Also, there are many events that take place during the year which I have participating in such as Scholastic Book Fair, Dr. Seuss' Birthday, the Community Engagement Expo, and Special Olympics, to name a few. Each event I engage in, I get to utilize my social skills and my own personal development and problem-solving skills. I love the opportunities to work with the students and the staff on this campus!" - Leigh Ann Counseller

Center for Community & Civic Engagement New Hire Process

Students that are interested in working in our department must following the hiring procedures outlined by Career Services, who oversee the federal work study program at Mesa Community College. The entire process can take approximately 7-10 days to complete. It can take longer depending on your work study award paperwork and the timeliness of how each step is accomplished.

Each step must be completed in this order:

  1. Student applies and interviews at the department. Once a job offer has been made…
  2. Department staff complete the Job Referral Form and send the student to Human Resources in Building AD42 to fill out the “New Hire Paperwork"

IMPORTANT: Be sure to bring the FWS Referral Form, a copy of your Financial Aid Award Summary, and your I9 documents (examples include U.S. Passport, Driver’s license, etc.)

  1. Once the Department staff receives an employee number for the student, Financial Aid will be emailed to ask to award the student their funds
  2. Financial Aid will input the FWS award on the Human Resources Management System (HRMS).
  3. As soon as the Financial Aid Department notifies the Center for Community & Civic Engagement department supervisor that the employee has been inputted into HRMS, the supervisor will create a Work-Study Job Hire Document in HRMS.
  4. After complete approval of the Work-Study Job Hire Document is obtained, you will be contacted to begin to work for the Center for Community & Civic Engagement