Service Sites

Approved Community Partners

The community has lots to offer those who are interested in MCC's Service-Learning.  The link below will allow you access to the Service Sites Database so you can learn more. 

You must serve at an approved community partner on our database.  If you want to serve at a site not on the list, please fill out an "Agency Involvement" packet from the Center for Community & Civic Engagement to work on getting that community member on the MCCCD District approved list.  It can take 2 weeks to 2 years to get an agency member approved, so keep that in mind when doing your Service-Learning for the class.

Access the Service Sites Database

How to Search the Service Sites Database

  1. Click on the "Access the Service Sites Database" button above
  2. Please select to login as a Guest - you do not need a username or password
  3. If prompted, select "Agency Database" as the location you want to go (only some web browsers will require you to select the destination folder)
  4. You can now search the Service Sites Database in four different ways:

1. Agency Search by Category: this is the preferred way to search!  We recommend "less is more" when searching and ask that you try to search by one item at a time or use reduced word phrases (i.e. child).  Also, make sure that you DO NOT hit enter.   You must hit "Perform Find" on the left panel navigation area to actually perform a search.  If you click on "Return to Search Menu", it will bring you back to the main menu of the Service Sites Database and you can select which of the four ways you want to search all over again.  

You can search by agency name (i.e.  Phoenix Zoo) or by city location or zip code (do you want to serve at a location on campus? near the school? near your house? near your job?  what works best for you)

2. Agency Partners: this is a Rolodex-type listing of all the approved community partners in our database listed alphabetically.  You must flip the book pages on the left panel area to switch to the next set of listings.  We have over 400 approved community partners to look at!

3. School-Based Partners: this is the place to look for schools and school districts, charter schools, and private schools.  

4. Court-Ordered Service: for those needing sites approved to do Community Restitution