College Planning

Mesa Community College engages in systematic, integrated, and informed planning at the strategic, operational, and department levels.

The MCC Strategic Plan sets the future direction for the college and is guided by our college's Mission, Vision, and Values in order to ensure the long-term viability of our institution for our students and community and the effective and efficient use of public resources.

The MCC Academic Master Plan (AMP) defines the academic vision of the college and directs decision-making in support of the Strategic Plan.

Other planning focuses on specific elements of the college such as the Information Technology Plan and the Comprehensive Districtwide Facilities Plan. MCC Departments develop an annual plan with goals and budgets that align with the college’s mission and strategic directions.

Strategic Planning

Mesa Community College followed a five-step process for strategic planning that prioritized deep understanding of the current reality and developing actionable plans for improvement. This process spanned 15 months and was completed with input from a wide variety of stakeholder groups. The process was led by the Strategic Planning Committee, the College Leadership Team, and consulting partners. The first product of this process was the creation and Spring 2020 adoption of MCC's new Mission, Vision, and Values statements.

The strategic planning process is designed to yield a plan that answers four critical questions:

  1. What are the outcomes we care most about?
  2. What are we committed to doing in order to achieve these outcomes?
  3. How will we know if we are doing our work well?
  4. How will we know if the work is having the impact we intended?

MCC Strategic Plan:

Department Planning

Each year, MCC departments develop plans, goals, and budgets for the future, exploring how they can improve outcomes in alignment with the college's strategic plan.