Student Outcomes Committee

The Student Outcomes Committee (SOC) at Mesa Community College fosters and supports assessment for student learning. SOC inspires faculty inquiry to transform our practice by responding to student learning in a continuous cycle of improvement. The SOC faculty senate committee aims to advance positive academic experiences and outcomes for all learners at our college.

Student Outcomes Committee Guidelines

If you are interested in joining this committee or if you have any feedback that you would like to share, contact Layne Goodman 480-461-7295

Committee Member Expectations

  1. Serve as leaders for assessment within college promoting assessment practices
  2. Represent departments, pathways, and fields of interest during assessment planning and practices
  3. Participate in assigned work teams
  4. Attend a minimum of 75% of monthly committee meetings
  5. Provide regular communication between the SOC and academic departments to ensure collaboration and engagement in assessment
  6. Provide expertise in the development of learning assessment including course, college-wide student outcomes, and program-level assessment training

AY2022-2023 Voting Committee Members

  • Jon D'Ambrosio, Automotive Faculty
  • Brian Dille, Political Science Faculty
  • Megan Garvy, Service Faculty CTL
  • Layne Goodman, Communications Faculty
  • Janice Hester, Physical Science Faculty
  • Tawn Hauptli, Education Studies Faculty
  • Marjorie Leta, Library Faculty
  • Safiya O'Brien, English Faculty
  • Sara Sanders, Life Science Faculty
  • Ly Tran-Nguyen, Psychology Faculty
  • Nicole Bruno, Social Work Adjunct Faculty
  • Vanessa Perkins, Sociology Faculty
  • Sara Tingley, Nursing Faculty

AY2022-2023 Non-Voting Committee Members

  • Francis Canedo, Academic Dean
  • Jennifer Strickland, Director Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Dennis Mitchell, Associate Vice President Institutional Effectiveness
  • Trisha White, Director Institutional Effectiveness