Data Request Form

Because we have already started to book projects and data requests well into 2023, we have made the tough decision to turn off our data request form for the rest of 2022. As demands for our services continue to grow (and as we are recently down a staff member), we need to take time to focus on evaluating our current backlog of requests and projects and plan for 2023. While the data request form is turned off, please make use of getData @ MCC to find existing data to meet your needs. If you have a truly urgent request related to a compliance issue or Spring 2023 enrollment, please email Dennis Mitchell and Tricia White and we will address the request accordingly. Otherwise, please hold your request until we reopen the request form in early January.

Once we reopen our data request form in January, OIE will be moving to a new project management methodology to prioritize our work and allocate our time on a biweekly to monthly basis. This means that some data requests may take longer to complete than before based on their priority, scope of work, and OIE staff availability. Simply put, the current quantity and pace of requests OIE staff try to accommodate is unsustainable and risks a decline in product quality without making changes to how we operate.

Thank you,

The OIE Team