Assessment at MCC

Detailed in the Academic Master Plan, Institutional Effectiveness is an educational priority at Mesa Community College (MCC). At MCC, we are committed to fostering a culture of continued improvement, which includes integrated planning and the evaluation of all programs and services. MCC will use the identification and measurement of learning and instructional programs and the use of data and assessment to make informed improvement to our institution.

What is Assessment?

Assessment involves four steps that occur iteratively: Plan. Identify goals and develop the method of action. Do. Implement the plan and collect data that will provide understanding of effectiveness. Study. Monitor outcomes to test the validity of the plan for signs of progress and success or areas for improvement. Act. Adopt or amend practices and move to plan mode to continue improvement. In every step of the process, reflection and sharing are critical to success.

Plad-Do_Study-Act Cylce

In addition to a classroom practice, academic and co-curricular programs at MCC utilize the Plan-Do-Study-Act process.