Additional Questions

Who is eligible for the Presidents' Scholarship?

The Presidents’ Honors Scholarship covers in-state/in-county tuition up to fifteen (15) credit hours (plus the $15 registration fee) per semester, but does not apply to summer sessions.

To be eligible, students must enroll at the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) campus of their choice in the academic year (two academic semesters) following high school graduation or equivalency without having attended another accredited college or university before enrolling in a MCCCD campus (concurrent, dual enrollment, and Summer session excluded).


Students submitting the Presidents' Honors Scholarship application must be able to show legal presence in the United States and eligible to receive public funds. In addition, students must also be a resident of Maricopa County while on scholarship. Students must apply to the program within one academic year (two academic semesters) of graduation from high school or other secondary education program as listed below.

Pathway to Scholarship

Completion of a secondary education program in Maricopa County (including NCA-accredited, charter, private, religious high schools, homeschool), with a final, unweighted, GPA of 3.25 or higher.

Why join MCC's Honors Program as a Presidents' Honors Scholar?
The Honors Program at Mesa Community College (MCC) is an opportunity for academically motivated students to participate in challenging and rewarding educational experiences. The purpose of the Honors Program is to foster greater depth of thought in reading, writing, and discussion with faculty and guest lecturers that will better prepare Honors students to complete degrees and begin their careers. Honors students at Mesa Community College form a community of bright, energetic and caring students who are committed to their classes, to the Honors Program, and to the college.
How do I apply for the Presidents' Scholarship?
Complete the application located on the Presidents' Honors Scholarship page or call our office at 480 461-7079 for m ore information. Many High School Counselors have applications for the scholarship, check with your school counselor. There is no application fee or interview to apply to the Honors Program, so apply now!
Does the Presidents' Scholarship cover books?
No. There is no book stipend built into the scholarship. The value of the Presidents' Scholarship is the in-county tuition for 15 credits as well as the $15.00 registration fee. If a student's total fees are less than the scholarship, the balance is given as cash to the student and may be then used for books.
How and when do I get my money?
The money is received after our office verifies that all of your requirements are in place, ie a complete application, eligibility, received final high school transcripts, and enrollment in an Honors course. Presidents' Scholarships are (usually) released before the start of the next semester, or anytime during the semester as long as all requirements are met. If you have a remaining balance of fees, the Honors Program money will be applied toward that balance when it is authorized. If you have no balance, the remaining funds will be processed through CitiBank.
If I am receiving the Presidents' Honors Scholarship - Can I take a semester off?
Presidents' Scholars, who are in good standing after completion of at least one semester of coursework at a Maricopa Community College, may apply for the deferment of their Presidents' Honors Scholarship for the purpose of taking part in activities which would interrupt their required continuous enrollment at the Maricopa Community Colleges. A deferment may be granted for a maximum of two years. Exceptions to this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Must I notify the Honors Office of changes to my address or phone number?
Yes. Notify the Honors Program immediately if you move or change your phone number or email address, this applies for the summer months as well. You can email the Honors Program or call 480-461-7079. The Honors Program cannot keep in touch with you if we don't know where you are, so make sure you update your information when it changes.
Can Dual-Enrollment classes I took in high school affect my Presidents' Scholarship?
Yes. That Grade Point Average (GPA) will be calculated into your cumulative GPA each semester. If you fall between 3.0 and 3.24 you will be placed on Probation for one semester. Students may only be on Academic Probation for their first semester. If your GPS falls below 3.0 it will result in a loss of scholarship.
Do I have to be accepted into the Honors Program to register for Honors-Only classes?
Any student can take an Honors-only class.
Do I have to take an Honors class every semester?
Yes. Each Honor's student must take a minimum of one 3 credit Honors class for each semester that they participate in the Honors Program in order to remain qualified. This may either be and Honors Only class, or a regular class turned into an honors class by doing a contract.
I am currently an Honor Student in my current school. Does that status guarantee my admission to the Honors Program?
Not necessarily. See our Application information for complete requirements.
Are Honors courses "weighted"?
No. Unlike high school, college courses (including Honors courses) are not weighted.
Do I lose my credits if I decide to discontinue my participation in the Honors Program?
No. If you should decide to leave the Honors Program you would not lose any of your credits earned while taking Honors courses. Those credits would still appear on your transcript and count as fulfilling General Education requirements. Before deciding to withdrawal from the Honors Program, we ask you to talk to one of the coordinators first because frequently a student has misinformation or a problem we can solve. We are here for you, so use us! Naturally, we hope that you will choose to stay in the program. However, you can become ineligible for the Honors Program if your grades fall below the required minimum GPA of 3.25 or you fail to maintain full time status or fail to complete an honors contract or project on time according to program policies.
Are other scholarships available?
Additional scholarships are available for eligible students. Requirements vary for each individual scholarship. Visit the Scholarships website for a listing of those opportunities.