Honors Contracts

Spring 2024 Honors Contracts are due on or before Friday March 1, 2024

What is an Honors Contract?

The Honors Contract allows a student to work with their professor to make one of their regular courses an Honors course by signing a contract to do an honors project in the course. It is up to the professor whether or not they will allow a student to take their course for Honors credit.

Spring 2024 Honors Contact Link Coming Jan 2024

To take a regular class for Honors credit, you must submit an Honors Contract.

  • Honors contracts are only allowed for courses that are three (3) credit hours or more, 100 level or above, with instructor approval. The contracts are submitted electronically.
  • The instructor and student will first discuss the Honors project for their class. This can be a project the student proposes and develops with the guidance of the instructor OR a project the instructor has already developed.
  • All projects must include the following components:
    • Research (e.g. peer-reviewed journals, Internet, library, interviews)
    • Writing (minimum 3 - 5 pages. A length MUST be indicated on your contract)
    • Presentation (e.g. 10 minutes class presentation, a 10 - 15 minute youtube video, 10 - 15 slide PowerPoint, 5 minute presentation to instructor. A length MUST be indicated on your contract).
  • The instructor will provide the student with the following information:
    • how the project will be Graded (e.g. a rubric, criteria, standards, etc.),
    • Project due date, and meeting/progress dates.
  • OPTIONAL: You may use this fillable pdf contract, then upload it to the electronic contract.

Contracts MUST be Submitted Electronically via the Dynamic Form

It is the student's responsibility to submit the Honors contract! The instructor cannot fill this out OR make any changes to the form.

Submittion Process:

  1. The student will fill out the electronic contract. They can either add the above information to the contract directly - or - upload a word document or pdf, with the required information, to the contract. The student will electronically sign the contract.
  2. The instructor will receive an email with the subject 'Honors contract ready to be processed - with student MEID and student name'. The instructor will then click the link proviced in the email, to login to the contract to approve or reject the contract. If something is wrong, reject the contract back to the student, letting the student know what needs to be changed.Once any necessary changes have been made, the student will resubmit and the instructor can approve or reject these changes.
  3. Once the instructor approves the contract, it is then sent to one of the Honors directors for approval. If something is wrong, or additional information is needed, the director will reject the contract back to the student. The 'rejection' email will have information on what needs clarification or added details. Again, it is the student's responsibility to make the changes/add additional details.
  4. Once resubmitted and approved by all parties, the contract is recorded in the Honors office. The Honors designation is added to the class and this becomes the students Honors class for the semester.
  5. The student will receive an email from one of the Honors Program staff members notifying them when the contract has been approved.

Presidents' Honors Scholarship recipents: your scholarship funds will not be awarded until your contract has been submitted and approved (this includes flex-start classes). Do not delay getting a contract submitted!

Flex-Start classes can be taken for Honors credit. If you are planning to take a second eight (8) week flex-stare class for Honors credit, contact the instructor to get their approval now. Flex-start contracts MUST be submitted on or before Friday October 6, 2023 as well.

Example of what the top of the electronic contract should look like filled out: