Co-curricular Requirement

What is the Co-Curricular Activity Requirement?

Co-Curriculars Fall 2024

Presidential Scholars: Within 2 weeks of the event/activity (first no later than October 14, 2024 second no later than November 25, 2024

Honors Award Recipients: Within 2 weeks of the event/activity; no later than November 25, 2024.


Honors co-curricular events are designed to enrich and enhance your academic experience. The MCC Honors Program believes that these activities will assist you in expanding your educational experience, improve retention, and engage you in the college community. The events should not be part of your coursework (required or extra credit). You cannot duplicate an activity category in any one semester (e.g., cannot attend two academic lectures in one semester).

Both Presidents' Honors Scholarship recipients and Honors Award recipients must complete co-curricular activities to receive their scholarship.

  • Presidents' Honor students must complete two (2) co-curricular activities per semester.

  • Honors Award recipients must complete one (1) co-curricular activity per semester.

Pre-Approved List Co-Curricular Activities

Every semester there is a LIST OF PRE-APPROVED CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES on the honors website. You must choose activities from the list.

Examples of Pre-approved Co-curricular Activities:

  • Cultural Arts: College or professional theater performance, dance recital, band, choir, or orchestra concert, exhibit, museum, art event, etc.

  • Academic Lecture: Honors Forum lectures, lectures on campus but not required in your classes, or off-campus academic lectures.

  • Academic Involvement: Workshops, astronomy night, conference attendance/presentation, campus-sponsored film (documentary) screening, etc.

  • Campus Involvement: Active participation in on-campus clubs, organizations, or sports teams. Regular attendance in approved on-campus club meetings, sports teams, and participation in club events must be verified. Attendance at an MCC sporting event (can only be used once per academic year). You cannot participate in the same club or sports team more than once during the academic year. Submit club or athletic team participation for your 2nd co-curricular of the semester (PHS) or towards the due date (HAA students) so you have time to demonstrate active involvement in the club or on the team.

  • Volunteer Activity: A minimum of 4 hours of volunteer time correspond to one co-curricular activity through MCC Serves.

Activities that will NOT be approved to use as co-curricular activities:

  • High school, middle school, and elementary school events.

  • Church events or activities.

  • Festivals, expos, and fairs are generally not approved.

Submitting Your Co-Curricular Activities

Within two weeks of attending your co-curricular event/activity, submit the following to the co-curricular assignment in your PHS Canvas Course:

250-word Reflection/Summary: The write-up should be in essay form with proper grammar and punctuation and should include the following: What was the event? Where and when was the event held? Recap the experience. Provide a reflection on what you learned and how the event connects to your class or the honors topic. What was positive/negative about your experience? Be specific in your submission.

Attendance Verification: The easiest and preferred way is to submit a picture of you at the event as verification with your activity write-up. Make sure your picture identifies you and the event you are attending. For volunteering or active participation in a club keep a log of your attendance and participation and have it signed by the club advisor or volunteer coordinator. Sign-in sheets and ticket stubs will not be accepted as verification.

After submission, you will receive communication from an Honors Program Director via Canvas within two weeks of the submission due date. This communication will provide an indication of acceptance/non-acceptance. If your submission is not accepted, you will be asked to revise and resubmit your paper within one week.

Co-Curricular Due Dates and Deadlines

All co-curricular activity reflections are due within 2 weeks of the event/attendance.

Presidents' Honors Scholars:

  • 1st co-curricular: Within 2 weeks of the event/activity and no later than October 14, 2024

  • 2nd co-curricular: Within 2 weeks of the event/activity and no later than November 25, 2024

Honors Award Recipients:

  • Within 2 weeks of the event/activity and no later than November 25, 2024

Pre-Approved Co-Curricular Activity List