Do I need to reapply for either Presidents’ Honors or Honors Achievement scholarships for the following semester?
  1. No, you do not need to reapply each semester that you are participating.
    1. If you are PHS, we verify your eligibility at the end of the semester and you will continue on scholarship.
    2. If you are HAA, we automatically roll over your information from the semester prior - just submit an Honors Contract or enroll in an honors course to confirm participation.
How will my grades affect my eligibility?
  1. Your grades are calculated into a Grade Point Average (GPA) which determines eligibility for our scholarships. Our minimum required GPA is a 3.25, anything below that will not be accepted.
    1. All Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) grades are calculated into this cumulative districtwide GPA.
Do I need an Honors Class next semester?
  1. Yes, in order to be eligible for either Honors Scholarship, you must be enrolled in/participate in an Honors-Designated course.
    1. PHS - 1st and 2nd-semester students must be enrolled in an Honors course, 3rd and 4th-semester students may do an Honors Contract or enroll in an Honors course.
    2. HAA - We recommend Honors Contracts since Honors classes fill up quickly.
How do I register for an Honors Class?
  1. In order to register for an Honors class, you must get a class-specific permission number from the Honors Office. Contact information is on our website.
    1. Please have ready the class subject and level and 5-digit class number (ex: ECN 211 12345) that you are wanting to register.
Can I take classes at other Maricopa County Community College Campuses?
  1. Yes, you are allowed to take classes at other Maricopa Colleges for “concurrent” enrollment to meet our minimum credit requirement. However, your Honors Class must be through Mesa Community College in order to receive your scholarship from MCC.
  2. If your honors class or contract will be at another Maricopa Community College, the Honors Office can help you transfer your scholarship to that college.
If I drop a class will it affect my scholarship?
  1. Maybe. Dropping a class will affect your scholarship if...
    1. You drop your Honors Class (resulting in loss of scholarship)
    2. You have less than the minimum required credits (result in loss of scholarship). If you drop below 12 credits for the semester, you will have to register for another class to keep your scholarship - late enrollment could be your financial responsibility!
Help! - I have been dropped from my late start classes…
  1. Getting dropped from a Flex-Start/Late-Start class is the result of not paying class fees or remaining tuition after the President’s Honors Scholarship disbursement
    1. Any and All Fees, and remaining tuition, must be paid before re-registering for dropped courses
    2. If you were initially charged more than $1020 before the scholarship was processed, you may have been charged Out of State tuition. Contact the enrollment office to change your residency status.
How do I check to see if I’m being charged for Out of State tuition?
  1. Go to Student Center, login with your MEID and Password (it’s the same information you use for Canvas and all Maricopa logins)
  2. Go to your Student Center (Student Service Center), scroll to the middle of the page where it says “Finances”
  3. Click on the Drop Down Menu, and select “Account Activity”; this will show you an itemized list of transactions
  4. Anything labeled “OOS” is Out of State charges
How do I fix my Out of State Residency?
  1. Check with Admissions and Records that your ‘Student Declaration of Citizenship/Status’ form has been received along with appropriate documentation.
  2. Contact Lanaé Jackson regarding this issue.
Can I apply for both Honors Scholarships?
  1. No, if you are receiving the President’s Honors Scholarship, you are not eligible for the Honors Achievement Award.
  2. If you have completed the PHS and are continuing to take classes at MCC, then YES, you may apply for HAA.
When is the last date to apply for either scholarship?
  1. PHS - Applications are closed two weeks before the semester begins. Any applications turned in after the due date will automatically get forwarded to the following semester.
  2. HAA - Applications are closed two weeks before the Honors Contract is due (Approximately one month after the beginning of the semester).
Can International Students Apply for the Honors Achievement Award?
  1. Students on F1 Visas are eligible to apply for the Honors Achievement Award with an I-94 on file
  2. For all students, an HB2008 State Residency Form (Declaration of Residency) must be completed to receive the scholarship funds.
When contacting the Honors Office
  1. Honors Support Staff can be reached by phone, email, Canvas, or WebEx virtual sessions
  2. When contacting Honors via Email, please
    1. Use your Official Maricopa Email address
      1. YOU1234567@maricopa.edu
      2. It is YOUR responsibility to check this email address regularly
      3. This is the primary email our office will use to contact you regarding updates and important information. Failure to check this email could result in the loss of your scholarship due to unresolved issues.
    2. Start a new email with a specific subject line (Replying to a general notice could result in your email going unanswered).
    3. Include the name of the Staff Member you are addressing (You do not need to include ALL Honors Staff Members/Directors in your email.)
    4. Include a detailed description of the information you are requesting
    5. Include which Honors Program you are participating in (PHS or HAA)
    6. Sign your email with your Name, MEID, or Student ID number (Especially if emailing from a personal account)
    7. Emails take up to 48 hours to get a response
      1. If your email is not returned right away, please wait 48 hrs before contacting another staff member
  3. When contacting Honors via Canvas, please
    1. Address only ONE staff member (including more than one staff member/director in your message will result in unnecessary repetition)
    2. Include which program you are participating in
    3. Please be advised - Messages through Canvas take longer to get a response. For immediate assistance, please contact our office through your Official Student Email or by telephone
  4. When contacting Honors via Telephone
    1. Have your MEID or Student ID available
    2. If your call is not answered
      1. Leave your Name, MEID/Student ID number, a detailed message and a phone number to be reached
      2. Calls are returned within a 24-hour time frame