SAP Appeal Process

If it has been determined that you have not met Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), you will not be eligible for financial aid which consists of grants, federal work-study, all student loans including PLUS and private loans, and certain scholarships. However, you may submit an appeal to try to reinstate your financial aid eligibility.

To appeal for not meeting the Progress or GPA measure of SAP:

  • Go to Maricopa's SAP information page to learn what SAP is, and how it impacts your financial aid.
  • If you feel as though you have an extenuating circumstance for not meeting the standards or SAP, complete and submit the Progress/GPA appeal form.
  • All Appeals must be submitted by the semester SAP Appeal deadline date on the Financial Aid Important Dates
  • Allow 10-15 business days for your appeal to be processed. Check your Maricopa student email for the notification of the SAP decision.

Per Federal Aid guidelines, SAP appeals will not be considered and may be automatically denied for students with the following Satisfactory Academic Progress standing:

  • Students who are not meeting SAP for Progress and who need to successfully complete 24 or more credit hours (no grades of W or F) to meet the minimum standards of SAP for Progress (pace of progression).
  • Students who are NOT meeting SAP for both Maximum Time Frame (MTF) and Progress (Pace of progression) during the same SAP calculation period. The minimum requirement for Progress must be met prior to an MTF appeal being considered
  • Students not meeting SAP for Progress (pace of progress) who will reach their Maximum Time Frame before they can meet SAP for Progress. Pace of progression is a cumulative measure that requires the successful completion of 66.67% of all credits taken/attempted including transfer credits.

Submitting a SAP Appeal is not a guarantee of approval.

Notification of SAP Appeal Decision

  • Your appeal decision will be sent to your Maricopa student email.
  • Read the message to ensure that you understand the decision and any stipulations set for you by the SAP Appeal Committee.
  • If you are placed on probation, you must meet the conditions set for you to remain eligible for financial aid.
  • Check with us if you do not understand your message or if you're unsure of the requirements you must meet to remain eligible for financial aid.

Regaining Financial Aid Eligibility

A student who does not meet SAP will be placed on financial aid suspension and can only regain aid eligibility by:

  • Following the SAP Appeal Process and having their SAP Appeal approved by the SAP Appeal Committee
  • Paying for their tuition and fees each semester until they meet the Standards of SAP

For the full Maricopa Community Colleges Standards of SAP for Financial Aid Eligibility click here

Academic Probation For Not Meeting Scholastic Standards

Financial aid probation or denial for failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress, and academic probation for not meeting Scholastic Standards are different issues. Students who need to appeal for academic probation for scholastic standards must do so through the Admissions and Records.