MTF Appeal Process

Maximum Time Frame is reached when a student has attempted 150% of the published credits it takes to complete their program plan here at MCC. *

If you have reached your Maximum Time Frame for your program of study you are not meeting the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and will not be eligible for financial aid which consists of grants, federal work-study, all student loans including PLUS and private loans, and certain scholarships. However, you may submit an appeal to try to reinstate your financial aid eligibility.

To appeal for not meeting the Maximum Time Frame measure of SAP:

  • Go to Maricopa’s SAP information page to learn what SAP is and how it impacts your financial aid.
  • If you feel as though you have an extenuating circumstance and/or another reason that you have exceeded the maximum time frame to complete your current program of study, complete and submit the MTF appeal form.
  • Be prepared to upload any necessary supporting documents (e.g.: unofficial transcripts, medical, legal, military documents).
  • If you have a Bachelor's degree or higher and your official transcripts have not been submitted and/or evaluated by MCC, you may be required to complete that process prior to your appeal application being reviewed. Contact the Admissions and Records office for the processing time to evaluate transcripts.
  • Watch your student email for additional communication from an Academic Advisor and/or the SAP Appeal Committee.
  • You will not need to schedule an appointment with Academic Advisement prior to submitting the MTF appeal.
  • If you have any questions about course requirements for your chosen program of study, immediately consult your academic advisor.
  • All Appeals must be submitted by the semester SAP Appeal deadline date on the Financial Aid Important Dates.
  • Allow 10-15 business days for your appeal to be processed. Check your Maricopa student email for the notification of the SAP decision.

Per Federal Aid guidelines, MTF appeals will not be considered and may be automatically denied for students with the following Satisfactory Academic Progress standing:

  • Students who are NOT meeting SAP for both Maximum Time Frame (MTF) and Progress (Pace of progression) during the same SAP calculation period. The minimum requirement for Progress must be met prior to an MTF appeal being considered
  • Students who have a previously approved Maximum Time Frame (MTF) Appeal must complete the approved degree on that MTF Appeal before a new MTF Appeal for a new degree plan can be considered.

Submitting an MTF Appeal is not a guarantee of approval.

*Academic transcripts from other schools may be unofficial if they have not been transferred, evaluated, and accepted by MCC

Notification of MTF Appeal Decision

  • Your appeal decision will be sent to your Maricopa student email.
  • Read the message to ensure that you understand the decision and any stipulations set for you by the SAP Appeal Committee.
  • If you are placed on probation, you must meet the conditions set for you to remain eligible for financial aid.
  • Check with us if you do not understand your message or if you're unsure of the requirements you must meet to remain eligible for financial aid.

For students who had to appeal for MTF:

  • You will be offered financial aid only for classes approved on your MTF Restricted Course List
  • Student loans require enrollment in 6 or more credits that are approved on your RCL
  • You must meet the requirements set for you by the SAP Appeal Committee
  • If you do not meet the stipulations set for you by the SAP Appeal Committee you may become ineligible for aid
  • You cannot submit a 2nd MTF Appeal for a new program of study unless you have completed the degree/certificate that was approved on your 1st MTF Appeal
  • A degree audit will be required for all MTF appeals.

*Attempted = classes taken and passed for credit; or classes taken but were withdrawn from, or failed.