Maximum Time Frame

MTF Measurement

Students who have attempted more than 150% of the published credits required for their program of study, are considered not meeting SAP. 

Maximum Time Frame Eligibility

  • Students approved for a Maximum Time Frame Appeal (MTF) are required to successfully complete 100% of the classes that are approved on their MTF restricted course list for their degree.  
  • Students who are on an approved Maximum Time Frame Appeal cannot submit a second MTF Appeal for a new program of study unless they have completed the degree/certificate that was approved on their first MTF Appeal.  
  • A degree audit will be required for all time frame appeals.

For the full Maricopa Community Colleges Standards of SAP for Financial Aid Eligibility in PDF format click here.

For students who had to appeal:

Your appeal decision will be sent to your Student Center Message Center at : Please read the message to ensure that you understand the decision and any stipulations set for you by the Academic Appeals Committee.

If  you are placed on probation, or were given stipulations set by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee, you must meet the requirements set for you by the Committee. This criteria may vary from student to student so it is important that you check with us if you are unsure of your requirements to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress. If you do not meet the criteria set for you, you may need to re-appeal or you may be ineligible for aid.