Makenna served 30 hours for EDU 221 - Introduction to Education

"During my Service Learning experience, I worked in a 2nd grade classroom at Hermosa Vista Elementary School. My responsibilities included sentence fluency practice, student sight Makenna headshotword assessments, grading assignments, math skills, classroom organization and teacher observation. My favorite part of the experience was engaging with all of the students. Testing each 2nd grader individually allowed me to understand that each child is unique in their own way and has their own specific educational needs. The biggest impact I made through my Service Learning experience was the additional help I offered for the 2nd grade team. With such a chaotic year due to COVID-19, I am thankful that I was able to assist the teachers with their testing, grading, and other duties in the classroom."

"I better understand the importance of a teacher to student relationship after participating in this Service Learning experience. It is crucial to build strong, healthy relationships with all students so that they feel comfortable and can learn to their full potential. The teacher I observed illustrated care, compassion, and love for all students. The most important principle that I have learned from this Service Learning experience is that teaching requires a lot of hard work and dedication. However, the rewards that come with the job are ultimately so fulfilling. I am glad that I got to have this experience because I also learned that 2nd grade is a great fit for me."


Marinda served 20 hours for EDU 221 - Introduction To Education

"Service-Learning is a really great program that they have available here at MCC. It is a great way to get involved and also gives a sample of working in an environment related to your major. As I took a class in education, I was able to go and volunteer at a school. I want to be a fitness teacher so I was able to go and volunteer in a high school aerobics class. As I assisted the teacher it really helped me see how to become a better teacher. Coach Corte was very interactive and understood the needs of all her students.

Since I was able to do service learning, it really helped me see what it takes to be a teacher. Also this experience helped me see that I wanted to do something a little different then I was planning on. Now I have the same major, but I know the direction I would like to take. If I had not done service-learning, I would have continued on my original course and would have found out later that I didn’t want to do that after all. I was really glad I was able to do service-learning and know what I really want to do."