Earnestine served 15 hours for COM 100 - Intro to Communication

"When I enrolled in my Communication class, I did not know what to expect or get out of the class until we had to get into groups and choose an agency to serve and volunteer.  I had been volunteering for many years at my church helping out with the food bank, and with the Goodwill, sorting clothes, cleaning shelves, and organizing the store.

However, the experience that I gained doing this project with my group was very rewarding because I actually had to get involved and engaged and become a donor myself to the Leukemia Foundation.  Once the Director told me that the African American database need more donors, I sprang into action and approached the minorities on campus and got them to understand that this disease was killing our race and we needed to act now.  The Director said it was the best turnout she ever had on campus, and that made it all more worth me and my group member's effort worthwhile.  When I do receive that phone call stating that I am a match for someone and could save their life, it will not only change their life but mine also, and to donate life is the best gift that I could ever give anyone."