Oanh worked 4 hours with Special Olympics for Bowling at Brunswick Lanes

Special Olympics What class is this for?

RDG 046 in Mrs. Young's class.

What tasks did you do at your service site?

My role and responsibilities were cheering, motivating and encouraging the athletes.

What was your favorite part of your experience?

I loved working with the athletes and sharing their happiness.

What was your greatest impact through this experience?

The athletes appreciated and needed the congratulations and cheers of the volunteers.

What concepts did you understand better from your class (if it's service-learning) or on the subject or (if it is civic engagement) after serving at your service site?

I understand that although they may have developmental issues, we are all the same.

What is the most important principle you learned from this experience?

What I learned experience from this service, to maintain a positive, and enthusiastic manner.

Janeth-Quintero, Edwin Upshaw, Cindy Swain, and Jovani Hernandez

These students served for CRE101 in Anna McWhirter's Class.

Janeth-Quintero served 18 hours at Skywest Dental as a Dental Assistant and receptionist. She got to help the community and worked with foster children and uninsured individuals with their dental hygiene.

Edwin Upshaw served 18 hours at Strut on Dobson and Broadway. AZ Strut is a refurbish and recycling company for all electronics; the computers that are refurbished are donated back to schools across Arizona. While serving, he did security swipes, monitor testing, and installed software.

Cindy Swain served 20 hours at St. Vincent De Paul thrift store in Apache Junction, AZ. My service entailed sorting donations and providing customer service to store patrons. My service learning has furthered my knowledge of community resources and how to better interpret people.

Jovani Hernandez served 50 hours at AZ State Veteran Home. He was also the service learning assistant for Professor Anna McWhirter’s CRE101 class. He was in charge of managing the Service Learning database and handling all the paperwork, certificates, and helping out students with their service learning issues. The Service-Learning department program helps students get the experience they need in the career they are interested in or majoring in. It also gives students the opportunity to earn credits while serving our community.

“While serving at AZ State Veteran Home I was part of the recreational Therapy department helping veterans with cognition exercises,technology classes, social gatherings, strength exercises and music therapy. I also gave a PTSD Presentation for my Psychology and culture class to help military personnel get the help they need and to get experience in that field. I am a veteran myself, so I was able to understand the jargon being used by our military veterans. Through my experience of serving there, I realized how people take things in life for granted such as their health, physical mobility, and independence. I love helping veterans, who like myself, gave everything to serve our country, our military, and our freedom. They say “Once a Marine, always a Marine” so I feel obligated to serve our veterans and to show that they are still an important part of this community and world.


Stephanie served 22 hours for CRE101 - Critical Reading

My reasoning for choosing to work with the NAACP for my service learning was to help the community and the students of MCC achieve their dreams. I showed to the students in the NAACP group that they themselves are just as important to society as the next person. The knowledge and experiences I've gained through life helped me show people the drive I have to become the best at anything and everything I set out to do. My contributions and skills allowed me to put together a Thanksgiving event, which I called Unity Feast; it was a great success. I believe my contributions to NAACP Mesa Chapter was appreciated and successful.