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Lavinia Sebastian

Instructional Services Coordinator: Boot Camps
Office: LB164 - Library - 1st Floor
P. 480-461-7388

FREE Calculus Boot Camp (Registration CLOSES on Jan. 2nd, 2024)

Who should REGISTER: -

Entering MAT220 and above, needing a review on College Algebra/Trig. Students entering MAT187 can attend the first two days.

The primary objective of this boot camp is to aid you, the student, in becoming confident and competent in solving problems that require techniques developed in Calculus. In general, Calculus is a study of functions. Because of this, we will spend the next four days reviewing functions including:

  • Their graphs and characteristics
  • How to solve equations and simplify expressions
  • Basic applications and tools

Success in Calculus will require you to use your previous knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The goal of this boot camp is to provide an opportunity for you to recall previously learned material while hopefully deepening your understanding and strengthening your skills.

SPRING 2024 @Red Mountain Campus

January 8th to January 11th

3:00pm - 5:15pm

SPRING 2024 @Southern/Dobson Campus

January 8th to January 11th

6:00pm - 8.15pm

** choose a schedule that works for you and use the blue register tab located at the top right to register **