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Welcome to MCC's FREE Math Boot Camp!

As you begin your week, know that we show up to improve, not to prove. This classroom is a space where questions are expected, participation is encouraged, and respect is required. Each of us brings a unique perspective to this community and this diversity is recognized as a source of strength. As we work through the materials, leave your ego at the door. We are here to learn, build a community, and have some fun while doing math!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FSS Math Boot Camp?Students and tutors work togetherBoot Camp in Action
A chance to review math skills and become more confident in your
math abilities

Why attend FSS Math Boot Camp?

Who should sign up for FSS Math Boot Camp?

  • Students who are enrolled in a math class at MCC
  • Students who want to retake the placement test
  • Students preparing for the HESI exam