Boot Camps


We provide opportunities for students to discover their potential, develop their confidence, and achieve success.


We believe that education should be accessible and inclusive. It should empower students to take ownership of their education, challenge their ideas, and encourage them to collaborate with their community.


Community: We rise by lifting others.

Equity: We proactively strive to address equity gaps. All equity work will be accessible (free and through multiple modalities), inclusive, and reflective.

Growth: We show up to improve, not to prove.

Register for summer boot camps starting April 1st!

Students working in a boot camp

Whether you are looking to improve your placement, review for a course, or get a jump start on your semester, MCC has a boot camp for you! This year we are excited to offer math, physical science, chemistry, HESI, reading/writing and computer science boot camps. Each session is geared towards preparing you for success in your courses and providing you an opportunity to work with faculty, staff, and peers.

Boot camps are offered in various formats including In Person, Live Online, and On Your Own Time. Choose the format that works for you and your schedule. For more information and to register, please click on the individual links below.

Computer Science Boot Camps

Who should attend: Students who will enroll in CSC 100AB or CSC 110AB.

Math Boot Camps

Who should attend: Students who will enroll in MAT 08x, 09x, 12x, 14x, 15x, 18x, or 220.

Biology Boot Camps (Currently Unavailable)

Who should attend: Students who will enroll in BIO 181 and BIO 201.

Reading/Writing Boot Camps

Who should attend: Students who want to strengthen and refresh their reading/writing skills or who want to improve their placement scores.

Student Success Boot Camp (Currently Unavailable)

Who should attend: Students interested in learning about strategies to support success in college.

HESI Boot Camp

Who should attend: Students who will be taking the HESI exam. This boot camp is specifically offered before exam.

Chemistry Boot Camps

Who should attend: Students who will enroll in CHM 130, CHM 151, CHM 152, CHM 235, or CHM 236

Astronomy and Physics Boot Camps

Who should attend: Students who will enroll in AST 111, AST 112, PHY 101, or PHY 111.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do boot camps cost?
All boot camps are free for MCC students.
Do I have to register?
Yes. Registration links can be found on each individual boot camp's webpage. You must have your MEID and password to register.
Can I sign up and attend more than one boot camp?
Yes. Some boot camps have multiple sessions with varying times. Feel free to sign up for multiple boot camps if you can commit to attend all of the scheduled dates/times.
I want to attend, but can't every day. Can I still sign up?
Please communicate with us if you have restrictions that would prevent you from attending all of the boot camp sessions for a specific subject. Email with your request.
What should I bring?
Pencil, pen, calculator (if applicable), water, and a great attitude!