Academic Foundations Courses

The following in-person courses are recommended for MCC students who have placed into developmental coursework.

These courses provide an opportunity for students to take a high interest and/or introductory course and earn college credit.

If it's your first semester at the college, the preferred modality for these courses is face-to-face.

100 Level Courses

Class Name & Number Credit Classification
ARH100 (Introduction to Art) Humanities and Fine Arts - [HU]
ARH115 (History of Photography) Humanities and Fine Arts - [HU]
BIO105 (Environmental Biology) Natural Sciences (Quantitative) - [SQ]
CPD150 (Strategies for College Success) General Elective Credit
HES100 (Healthful Living) Social and Behavioral Sciences - [SB]
MHL145 (American Jazz and Popular Music) Cultural Diversity-[C] & Humanities - [HU]
REC120 (Leisure and the Quality of Life) Social and Behavioral Sciences - [SB]

200 Level Courses

Class Name & Number Credit Classification
EDU292/HUM292 (Art of Storytelling) Humanities and Fine Arts [HU] Cultural Diversity - [C]
SOC241 (Race and Ethnic Relations) Cultural Diversity - [C] Social and Behavioral Sciences - [SB]
WST209 (Women & Film) Cultural Diversity - [C] Humanities and Fine Arts - [HU]


Class Name & Number Credit Classification
ENG101/ENG101LL (First-Year Composition/First-Year Composition Lab) First-Year Composition - [FYC] More Information
RDG100/PSY101 (Successful College Reading/Introduction to Psychology) Behavioral Sciences - [SB] More Information