Chemistry 236

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Marci Ferrell

Administrative Specialist Sr. (Foundations for Student Success)
Office: LB 11 - Room: LB-B
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FREE CHM 236 Boot Camp

CHM 236 Boot Camp Overview

The primary objective of this boot camp is to aid you, the student, in becoming confident and competent in some of the basic skills needed to succeed in CHM 236. We will spend the next four days reviewing:

  • Basics of CHM 235, including skeletal structures, resonance, stereochemistry, orbitals, equilibrium, and proton transfer
  • Addition reactions
  • Substitution and elimination

Success in CHM 236 will require you to use your previous knowledge from CHM 235. The goal of this boot camp is to provide an opportunity for you to recall and reinforce previously learned material while hopefully deepening your understanding and strengthening your skills.

SUMMER 2023 Schedule @Southern & Dobson Campus

August 14th to 16th, 2023

6:00pm - 8:15pm