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Marci Ferrell

Administrative Specialist Sr. (Foundations for Student Success)
Office: LB 11 - Room: LB-B
P. 480-461-7667

Needing a review for your BIO 181? Come join us to:

  • Learn how to manage your time and to be successful for your biology courses.
  • Implement reading strategies for reading your textbook.
  • Explore study techniques that are useful for your biology course.

Get the foundation you need to kick start your BIO 181 course, meet faculty, and work with peers who will be in your classes. This camp is geared towards students who are planning on enrolling in BIO181 face to face or online.

SUMMER 2023 Schedule @Southern/Dobson Campus

In-Person: Aug. 8th and Aug 9th, 2023

9:00am - 11:30am

Online Asynchronous: Monday thru Saturday

Aug. 7th thru Aug 12th, 2023

Aug 14th thru Aug. 19th, 2023

*students will have canvas access for 5 days to complete the online boot camp