Examples of Honors Contracts

Examples of past honors contracts:

Below is a brief list of some descriptions of previous honors contracts (just to give you some ideas). You may also click the link here to view past honors contracts.

  • Create a studio piece in the style of or inspired by a particular artist. Research the artist, painting style, and techniques used by the artist in order to produce a piece showing their influence and inspiration.
  • Translate five Japanese folk tales. Research information about Japanese culture and sentence structure to complete each translation. Present translations and analysis either in class or at the Annual Arizona Japanese Speech Contest.
  • Research, using multiple sources, the history, and impact of World War II Japanese American Internment on the affected population. Complete a 10-page paper and present a PowerPoint to the class.
  • Examine the emotional/psychological effect of burn injuries on children and adults. Research this topic, tour the Maricopa Burn Center, and compile information to create an informational handout or brochure to share with the public.
  • Analyze stock market data to find certain desirable indications for trading stocks. Import quantitative data into an Excel file format and use dynamic time warping analysis to analyze the data. Write a report about the analysis tools and the analysis and present findings to the class.
  • Attend and write a critique of two performances, college or professional level, of different musical styles. In the critique discuss performance etiquette (bowing, stance, etc.) and phrasing, tempo, dynamics, correct style etc. Conduct a theoretical analysis of two pieces (of varying styles) chosen from the works of a composer from a particular time period. Write a three page biography of the composer emphasizing their musical life.
  • Research and compare and contrast ancient architecture and its functions from various cultures and present findings to the class.