Book Advances

Stack of text books

  Opt-In for a Book Advance 

  1. Go to your Student Center at

  2. Under the Financial Aid section click on Opt In/Out Book Advance

  3. Click on the correct Aid Year next to MCC04

  4. Click on OPT IN

  5. Click on the SAVE button

You may be eligible to receive a book advance if you meet the following criteria:

  • You've received your financial aid award notification message on your Student Center Message Center 
  • You have viewed and accepted (if needed) your financial aid/scholarship award on your Student Center
  • The amount of your accepted financial aid award is enough to pay for your account balance and book advance amount
  • You do not have any previous semester balances on your student account
  • You are meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • You have Opted-In to receive a book advance on your Student Center Book Advance amounts table.

For book advance amounts and full information go to