Book Advances

Picture of Text Books

Opt-In for a Book Advance


  1. Go to your Student Center

  2. Click on the Financial Aid tile

  3. Click on Book Advance

  4. Click on the correct Aid Year next to MCC04

  5. Click on OPT-IN

  6. Click on the SAVE button

You may be eligible to receive a book advance if you meet the following criteria:

  • You've received a financial aid award email
  • You have viewed your Award Summary
  • You have accepted your award or awards (if needed)
  • The amount of your accepted financial aid award is enough to pay your account balance and the book advance amount
  • You do not have any previous semester balances on your student account
  • You are meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • You have Opted-In to receive a book advance on your Student Center (required if you are only awarded student loans)

To receive your book advance quickly sign up for direct deposit.

Book advance amounts and full information