General Biology

Our General Biology for Majors series (BIO181 & BIO182) provides a firm foundation for all Biology majors as well as for those going into the health care professions.

BIO181: General Biology (Majors) I

Anatomical structure of animal cellThis biology course focuses on the cell and molecular levels, providing a foundation for success in future courses. Some of the topics covered include cell transport, metabolism and genetics. Depending on your career pathway, it can be used as a gateway course into Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIO201-202), Microbiology (BIO205), or a continuation on to BIO182.

BIO182: General Biology (Majors) II

Biodiversity collageThis biology course focuses on the diversity of organisms across the kingdoms of life. Some of the topics covered include biodiversity and evolution. This course is taken by students majoring in the biological sciences as well as pursuing professional school admission in the health professions.