Firefighter and Fire Science

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Hans W. Silberschlag

Chair: Fire Science/EMT
Residential Faculty - Fire Science

The Firefighter program is concerned with the science of fire fighting and fire prevention as well as the safety and hazards associated with fires. Our training involves the study of the behavior, compartmentalization, suppression and investigation of fire and its related emergencies. The Firefighter program provides the opportunity for non-sponsored students to acquire a Certificate of Completion in Fire Operations in a college-based Fire Academy.

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FSC 101: Introduction to Fire Service Selection and Entry 4.0 Credit(s)

Overview of the application and selection processes used by various fire departments and fire service organizations. Focus on the skills and abilities required for entry-level positions in the fire department, including oral and written communication skills, mathematical and mechanical skills, problem-solving skills, and physical agility and stamina. Elements of fire service culture and their effects on personal growth and interpersonal relationships.

Major components of written application processes, requirements, preparation of resumes and their effect on employment prospects. Preparation for the interview to include communication skills, mental preparation techniques, behaviors, and the importance of the interview in the pre-employment process.

Prerequisites: None.