Firefighter and Fire Science

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Hans W. Silberschlag

Chair: Fire Science/EMT
Residential Faculty - Fire Science

Fire Science/EMT/PME Advising

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Mesa Community College's Fire Science program is a highly sought after learning experience that focuses on the science of fire fighting, fire prevention, and hazards associated with fires. Our training involves the study of the behavior, compartmentalization, suppression, and investigation of fire and its related emergencies.

The Firefighter program provides the opportunity for non-sponsored students to acquire a Certificate of Completion in Fire Operations in a college-based Fire Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes do I need to take to become a Firefighter?

The minimum qualifications that you need in order to be considered for hire with a Fire Department are:

1. Be 18 years of age with a valid drivers license

2. A valid CPR card

3. A valid CPAT- see our CPAT webpage.

4. Be a State Certified EMT- see our EMT program webpage.

The desired qualifications are:

1. Fire I and II Certifications- see our MCC Fire Academy webpage.

2. A Fire Science degree- see our Degrees and Certificates page.

What order should I take Fire Science classes?

There is no particular order you are required to take Fire Science classes unless they have specified pre-requisites for enrollment. We have a recommended semester plan for our Fire Science AAS degree that students can follow and download here: FSC Degree Semester Recommendations.

Do I need my degree to become a Firefighter?

Degrees are not a requirement for hiring. However, it is highly recommended that students pursue their Fire Science degree for Firefighting careers. MCC's AAS in Fire Science will prepare students for terminology, physical fitness, equipment handling, and customer service knowledge that is required for the job.

Do you offer an EMT Program?

Please check out our EMT webpage:

Do I need my EMT certification to take Fire Science classes?

This is the answer to question 5.