Construction Trades

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David Cain

Residential Faculty | Applied Sciences and Technology
Construction Management Program Director
Building TC-50 - Office #114
Phone: 480-461-7377


Fall & Spring Semesters:
Mon-Thu: 8 am – 8 pm
Fri: 8 am – 5 pm
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Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Construction Trades

Construction Trades is a new program launching in Fall 2022.

Mesa Community College developed this program to meet the local high demands of the construction industry. With this certification, students can learn to enter the workforce quickly at the ground level. In addition, students will learn best practices to advance within the construction sector.

This 30 credit program provides training in the following specializations: carpentry and electrical. Plumbing and H.V.A.C. are anticipated offerings for the Spring, while solar is anticipated for a later date.

Students will begin with an 8 week online course covering the topics of construction safety, hand and power tools, calculations and blueprint reading. The last 8 weeks will consist of hands-on training in a lab, based on the student's chosen specialization.

The program will utilize the accreditation process conducted by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), a nonprofit education foundation created to standardize curricula for skilled craft professionals.

What is a CCL in Construction Trades?

A Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Construction Trades prepares individuals for the workforce. You will learn to apply technical knowledge and skills in carpentry or electrical systems in residential and commercial settings.

Employers in Arizona are looking to fill open positions in the construction industry. By the end of 2024 Arizona will need to fill 265,146 construction jobs.* The Construction Trades program is intended to help students fill those positions. These courses prepare students to enter the construction industry in positions such as carpenter, roofer, and electrician. With average salaries for carpenters, roofers, and electricians ranging from $40,000-$50,000, a CCL in Construction Trades helps students gives students the skills they need to start a new career.

*Construction Labor Market Analyzer

Course Sequence

Courses offered are part of Mesa's Construction Trades Program.

Specialization 1: Carpentry

Credits: 22
CON110 Carpentry: Floor Systems 3.5
CON111 Carpentry: Wall Systems 3.5
CON112 Carpentry Ceiling Joist and Roof Framing 4
CON213 Carpentry: Steel Framing 1
CON214 Carpentry: Roof Systems and Building Envelopes 3
CON215 Carpentry: Interior Finishes 4
CON216 Carpentry: Concrete Forms 3

Specialization 2: Electrical

Credits: 21
CON/HVA131 Electrical Systems 3.5
CON132 Distribution Panels, Wiring, and Circuit Protection in Electrical Systems 3.5
CON133 Conduit, Raceways, and Termination in Electrical Systems 4
CON234 Electric Power Distribution 3
CON235 Motors: Theory and Application 4
CON236 Industrial Wiring Applications 3

Course Work Includes

  • Safety
  • Tools and equipment
  • Construction calculations
  • Blueprint reading
  • Trade-specific codes
  • Material characteristics
  • Installation techniques
  • Many more