Electrical-Mechanical Drafting

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Kevin T. Weaver

Residential Faculty - Manufacturing


Office: TC 50 - Room: TC122

The iPad. The Empire State Building. That corrugated cardboard thing around your coffee cup that prevents second-degree finger burns. If it was built or manufactured, it was designed and drafted first.

Become a Student

The Electrical-Mechanical Drafting program at MCC prepares students for careers as designers and drafters in industry. You’ll learn how to create the drawings, plans, and CAD models that are used for building structures or manufacturing products. Engineers, architects, and many other professions and industries use the skills and techniques taught in the Drafting program.

Our program offers an associate’s degree and three certificates in the design and drafting field. The technology is always changing, always moving forward and the job outlook for design/drafting technicians is generally strong.


Employers Seeking to Hire Students

We have a number of talented students of varying skill and experience levels. If you are interested in hiring one of our students, please email a job description to k.weaver@mesacc.edu as an MS Word attachment or place the job description directly in the email text.

Students Seeking Employment

We receive job opportunities from manufacturing and design companies, architectural and landscape design firms, consulting, construction, and civil engineering companies, mapping companies, public utilities, public works departments, the military, and defense contractors. Current and past students are notified of all new job opportunities.

Professionals Interested in Teaching

Industry professional with outstanding academic credentials, significant work experience, and a passion for teaching are encouraged to apply through the Human Resources department.