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ELP Coordinator

CeAnn Chandel Myers

Welcome, English language learners!

The English Language Program (ELP) offers classes for students whose primary language is one other than English.

Both, the English Department and the Reading Department offer English as a Second Language courses, which include the following : ESL 010, ESL 011, ESL 012, RDG 016, ESL 020, ESL 021, ESL 022, RDG 026, ESL 030, ESL 031, ESL 032, RDG 036, ESL 040, ESL 041, ESL 042, and RDG 046.

The ELP offers an ESL program of study that includes four different language levels:

  • beginning
  • intermediate
  • high-intermediate
  • advanced

The ESL program comes in two tracks:

  • 16-week classes which follow the semester-long class schedule
  • 8-week session classes which meet five days a week

English Language Program Mission Statement

The mission of the English Language Program (ELP) at Mesa Community College is to provide students with high-quality language instruction and cultural skills necessary to their success in their academic, professional, civic, and personal lives. To achieve this mission, the ELP collaborates with units across the college to offer programs and services that foster learning and promote intercultural communication.

Mesa Community College Mission Statement

MCC excels in teaching, learning, and empowering individuals to succeed in our local and global community. We serve as a resource for college and career readiness, transfer education, workforce development, and life-long learning.

For Future Students

  • Nationally Accredited
  • Affordable
  • An experienced, professional faculty and staff. All faculty have at least a Master's and/or doctorate in Foreign and Second Language education.
  • Multiple levels of English instruction
  • 15 - 18 classroom hours per week in our Intensive English Program (depending on level of placement)
  • Intensive classes in speaking/listening, writing/grammar, reading
  • Computer-assisted instruction and Internet access
  • Visit a regularly scheduled college class

For Current Students