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Southern & Dobson

Building: LA 3
P: 480-461-7636


Fall & Spring Semesters:
Mon-Thu: 7 am – 7 pm
Fri: 7 am – 3 pm
Closed Sat and Sun

Summer Semester:
Mon-Thu: 7 am – 6 pm
Closed Fri, Sat and Sun

Welcome to MCC's English Department. Our more than 130 faculty members offer a variety of courses designed to meet university transfer requirements and appeal to the wide interests of our students. While developmental writing and first-year composition comprise the majority of the courses we offer, we also offer more than 100 classes in other areas: literature, the humanities, creative writing, academic writing, personal writing, film studies, journalism, and English as a Second Language. Whether you're enrolled in a traditional classroom section or an online or hybrid class, MCC's diverse English faculty are committed to providing excellent instruction to help students improve their academic and real-world literacy skills, along with their understanding of and appreciation for the ways humans use language to communicate through various media and genres.

Department Faculty & Staff Contact

Craig B. Jacobsen, Ph.D.

Chair: English

Residential Faculty - Composition, Literature and Film


Office: LA 3 - Room: Office 25

Chris Vassett

Residential Faculty - English

Evening Chair


480-461-7641 (alternate)

Office: LA 3 - Room: 21

Michale Nadeau

Administrative Specialist Sr


Robbin L Jensen

Administrative Specialist

( Evening )


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