All English courses will be offered in fully-online formats (Online and Live Online) for the 2020-2021 academic year. There will be NO on-campus instruction. Please refer to the 'notes' section below each course listed in the class schedule for details.


MCC's Writing Program includes courses in developmental writing and first-year composition to help students learn to write effectively in college and their personal and professional lives. Students must take a placement exam in the Testing Center to determine their starting level. Each semester we offer the following courses:

First-Year Composition

  • ENG 101: First-Year Composition
  • ENG 102: First-Year Composition
  • ENG 107: First-Year Composition for ESL Students
  • ENG 108: First-Year Composition for ESL Students

Other ENG Courses

  • ENG 200: Reading and Writing about Literature
  • ENG 213: Introduction to the Study of Language
  • ENG 216: Persuasive Writing on Public Issues
  • ENG 217: Personal and Exploratory Writing
  • ENG 235: Magazine Article Writing