Tutoring In-Person

You can work with a Learning Enhancement Center tutor in several ways.

Drop In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is available in the Academic Skills Center (EF 2), the Biology Center (NU 157), the Math Center (MC 104), the Math Foundations Center (MS 100), the Physical Sciences Center (PS 100), the PIRC Lab Center (Building 42), the Red Mountain Center (Desert Willow Building), and the Biology Center - Red Mountain (S 154).

Drop-in tutoring provides students with the flexibility they may require. No appointment is necessary. Students come in and meet with tutors on a first-come basis – with tutors circulating among all students present. Tutors work with students individually or in small groups. Students may come in during drop-in hours for tutoring.

Individual Appointments

Appointment-based tutoring is available for the following subjects: Accounting, Economics, Computer Information Systems, Japanese, Sign Language and Spanish.

Students are currently allowed a total of one hour of scheduled appointments per week per subject, either as one 1-hour session or two half-hour sessions, whichever works best for you. Students who keep their scheduled appointments during the week may make another appointment for up to 1 hour per subject for that week, for a maximum of two hours per subject per week.

Group Appointments

Two or more students may meet with a tutor as a group. Students are allowed one session per week per subject, either as one l-hour session or two half-hour sessions.