Useful Websites

US History & Culture Websites

“History for the Mind …and Heart”

This website is hosted by Independence Hall Association (IHA) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The website has links to Places, People, Resources, and Events and Groups.  These links focus on American history during the Revolutionary and Colonial periods. 

“American History Collections by Subjects”

The National Museum of American History hosts this website.  The Museum’s website focuses on American culture and history from the American Revolution to present day.  The website has online exhibitions and information on subjects such as US Military, Food, Art, Culture and Communities, Family and Social Life, and Transportation.

“America’s Story”

The Library of Congress in Washington, D. C. hosts “America’s Story” website.  The Library of Congress is the United States’ library and is the largest library in the world.  This website has links titled “Meet Amazing Americans,” “Jump back in Time,” “Explore the States, “Join American at Play,” and “See, Hear and Sing.” 

“American History”

This website is also hosted by the Library of Congress.  This website has links based on Time Period or Subject.  Students can find valuable information on Arts & Culture, Government, Law & Politics, Maps & Geography, News, Religion & Philosophy, Science, Technology & Business, and Sports, Recreations & Leisure.  There are also links to their Digital Collections as well as a link to a Library of Congress librarian.

“American Memory”

“The Library of Congress American Memory” is another excellent website by the Library of Congress.  This site has links to their multimedia collections of photographs and digitized text sources.  The are also links to information on African American History, Architecture, Culture & Folk life, Native American History, Presidents, and Women’s History. 

Safety Tips for College Students

“Top Ten Safety Tips for College Students”

The author of this article, Elizabeth Hoyt, discusses areas of safety for college students in several important areas.  For example, she gives advice on safety and the use of technology, using locks, and knowing the campus that students attend. 

“Six Tips for College Health and Safety”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hosts this website.  The CDC gives information and advice to students concerning maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding sexual assault and sexually transmitted infections, avoiding binge drinking and smoking, and managing stress.  Each of these six areas has links for more information.

“Food Safety Tips for College Students”

The Unites States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service Office hosts this website.  The website gives advice on how to safely store foods, how to cook foods without getting sick, how to microwave foods, and how to safely take foods to a potluck.  There is other useful information on the website on the safe handling of foods and eating to stay healthy.

“International Student Guide to the United States of America”

This website gives practical advice for international students and how to be safe while studying in the United States.  There are hints on being observant of the surroundings, staying safe at night, taking care of valuables, maintaining safe housing, and guarding personal information.

“5 Safety Tips for International Students on U.S. Campuses”

The Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute hosts this website.  It gives five basic safety tips for international students.  The website’s information is also helpful to all students who are attending a college or university on assessing the safety of the school and the area.

ESL Websites

“Guide to Grammar & Writing”

The Capital Community College Foundation sponsors this website.  It has three sections to learn and practice Words and Sentences, Paragraphs, Essays and Research Papers.  In additions, there are two sections to ask questions and watch Power Point explanations.  This website is helpful to learn writing terms and practice grammar.

“English Skills:  Online Study and Practice”

This website is hosted by Portland Community College.   Students can practice Grammar & Writing, Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling, Study Skills, and Communication & Pronunciation.  Each of these six sections has links to other sites where students can learn and practice English at their own pace.

“Interactive Quizzes”

This website has over 174 online quizzes for students to practice the essentials of English.  For example, the first section, Basic Sentence Parts” has 26 quizzes on articles, count and non-count nouns, adjective order, and prepositions.  The second section on Verbs and Verbals has 32 quizzes on verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, irregular verbs, and phrasal verbs.  The third section is about Clauses and Phrases.  It has 8 quizzes on independent clauses, dependent clauses, and verbal phrases.  The fourth section is about Structural Flaws.  It has 13 quizzes on sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and comma splices.  The fifth section is on Punctuation and Basic Mechanics.  It has 20 quizzes on commas, colons, compound nouns and modifiers, and irregular plurals and non-count nouns.  The sixth section has 11 quizzes on Pronoun Usage.

The seventh section focuses on Stylistic Considerations.  It has 14 quizzes on sentence combining skills, writing concise sentences, parallel structures, and modifier placement.  Notorious Confusables is the eighth section.  It has eight quizzes on the correct usage of words like its/it’s, there/their/they’re.  The ninth section is on Spelling.  There are 10 quizzes to practice confusing English words.  The tenth section is on College Level Vocabulary.  It has 25 activities to practice correct vocabulary usage as a college student.  The last section is General Grammar Quizzes.  It has 7 quizzes to practice what was learned in all the previous sections.

“Cool Sites for ESL Students”

The University of Chicago’s staff and students developed this website.  The site offers links to quality websites in twelve areas.  The areas are Listening Comprehension, Writing, News, Research/Study Skills, Reading, Grammar, Test Preparation, Multi-Purpose ESL Sites, Speaking, Vocabulary, Culture, and Health/Fitness.  The site is easy to navigate and gives ESL students practice in many necessary areas.

“50 Essential Resources for ESL Students”

Open Education Database (OEDb) hosts this website.  It gives information and links for ESL students in Grammar and Usage, Spelling and Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Writing, and Quizzes and Worksheets.  This website also has links to Podcasts and YouTube Channels that are helpful to international students from all over the world.

“Online English Degress”

Hosted by Center for Online Education, it provides information on how to choose a degree in English, a program of study, a college, and maybe a career in the field. It has many useful, up-to-date information that can help one in making an informed decision about English studies in higher education.