Study Abroad Britain

Nottingham, EnglandNottingham, England Students will headquarter in Nottingham and have opportunity to learn from and interact with international students and British citizens while engaging in classes and taking excursions to nearby locations such as: Paris, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bath, London, Newstead Abbey, Chatsworth, and Whitby.

Students will immerse themselves in all aspects of British culture while visiting museums, historical sites, castles, stately homes, cathedrals, theatres, literary sites, and the countryside. Visit the program website here:


International study is full of potential rewards and opportunities for growth. It is also not right for everyone. Interested students must be honest with themselves about their openness and flexibility, desire to interact, and ability to notice differences and enjoy learning about new points-of-view without being judgmental.

Although independence is important, in terms of responsibility, maturity and self-motivation, study abroad is not simply an exercise in self-reliance, but an opportunity to become an active, educated participant in our global community.

A good dose of self-confidence and humor is also helpful when you have no idea what you are eating, the showers are just too "unique," your senses are over loaded, or you are exhausted from striving to be so open-minded.

Study abroad is also about being an ambassador. You become a part of very complex and delicate relationships between Mesa Community College, the Maricopa Community College System, and the host college and country.

What you do WILL affect the options other students have in the future. Please remember your responsibility and think about your opportunities to represent yourself and all of us well.

The MCCCD Student Conduct Code shall apply while participating in any study abroad program. Because the Britain Study Abroad program, MCC's International Education Department, MCC, and MCCCD are obligated to ensure a healthy, comfortable, and educationally productive environment for students, faculty and the host institution, a negative academic and/or student conduct reference may be used to deny participation in a study abroad program.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Mary Aldridge
Program Director