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Conversation Partners Program

The purpose of Conversation Partners is to match an American student studying one of MCC's offered foreign language with an international student who is native to that country and would like to improve his/her English. In addition, there will be mutual benefits of cultural understanding.

International Student Association

The International Student Association was created to encourage and promote goodwill among international students to increase awareness and appreciation of other cultures, and to provide an opportunity to develop lifelong friendships. ISA recognizes, honors, and learns from students who come from many countries. Activities and events include guest presenters, educational trips, leadership opportunities, social activities, and volunteer efforts.

International Education

International Education at Mesa Community College (MCC) offers international students superior academic opportunities, unique cultural experiences, and a friendly campus environment. Students enrolling here are able to complete the first two years of an undergraduate bachelor's degree program in a setting dedicated to quality teaching.

ESL Related Websites

  • Dave's ESL Cafe the most popular ESL site, featuring all kinds of information, including quizzes, slang, pronunciation, etc.
  • Randall's ESL Cyber-Listening Lab a listening site where students may select from mulit-level and multi-topic listening activities.
  • Interesting Things for ESL Students this is advertised as a "fun" study site and includes puzzles and games.
  • Elizabeth Claire's a free world-wide easy-English literature program.
  • ESL by Rong-Chang Li an excellent ESL site with links to many other sites, including listening exercises.
  • EFA - English for ALL a free site for learning English with video, lessons, quizzes, and more.
  • ESL PartyLand a site with high interest topics and good intermediate and advanced exercises and quizzes.

Writing Related Websites

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