Life at TFA

"When I first walked into this building, I had these expectations on who I was, and what I wanted to be later in life. Being here changed everything and in the best way possible. I encounter so many wonderful people who make going to school feel more like seeing your family again. If I didn’t go here, I would not have the life I have." Laurence Lilagan

Stage Door Players

Stage Door Players Theatre Film Arts advises the Stage Door Players student organization. SDP supports the TFAD Mainstage Season, hosts skill-building workshops, organizes social events for its members, and more. Becoming a member of SDP is a great way to get involved and meet people in the MCC Theatre community. To learn more and signup, please email: Stage Door

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BackstageLearn by doing. The MCC Theatre and Film Arts Department offers a variety of positions backstage. Find out more about Design and Technology, Stage Management, Running Crew, and Production Shops.

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Footlight Forum

The Footlight Forum is a monthly meeting place for anyone within our community to join in on conversations around Equity, Inclusion, Access, Representation, and Justice in the lives at MCC and as theatre artists. Footlight Forum A monthly discussion on equity, inclusion, access, representation and justice We are committed to promoting positive change for all members of our community. Every month we choose a different topic and bring in guests to lead our community in thoughtful conversation.

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Play Discovery Group

This is a fun different kind of book club! In play discovery students, faculty, staff, and community members come together every other week to discuss the plays that have been submitted for consideration to be produced in the department. This is a way to read and be exposed to different scripts and also rich discussions on different styles of work and writing.

Play Discovery submits plays for consideration to the department who will decide which plays we produce at MCC. MCC is dedicated to hearing many voices and insuring a wider range of stories are portrayed on our stage.

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Preview and Pizza

The final dress rehearsal can be a ball of nerves and excitement as you await opening night for actors, designers, and crew. So come and cheer on your fellow students for the preview performance and following we will all celebrate together with a good old fashioned pizza party!

Field Trips

Our department takes students on backstage tours, visits museums, attends live performances, visits other schools, and attends local and regional workshops. We value exposing our students to a wide variety of artistic opportunities, allowing students to explore their artistry as completely as possible


MCC's Stage Door Players student club presents their Improvables improv series. This performance will feature improv games and performances incorporating audience participation and laugh out loud entertainment.

The Improvables are a student run and operated Improv group, populated by the passionate and driven members of the Stage Door Players student club and the Theatre & Film Arts Department at MCC.

To learn more and signup, please email: Stage Door