Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and are committed to an anti-racist future.

MCC Theatre & Film Arts believes that the real power and art of theatre is in sharing stories on human truths. Stories have long had a special power for us all; they are our history, present, and future. A story may be used to oppress, marginalize, and alienate. A story may be used to uplift, magnify, and encourage communities. We acknowledge there are stories that have been left off of our stage. We commit to bringing these stories onto our stage and our program. As a college theatre, we educate future artists and leaders in theatre and our community. It is our shared responsibility to constantly examine the ways in which white supremacy, white privilege, and racism have found their way into our sharing of stories. We are engaged in doing the hard and critical work, of rooting them out.

We see the importance of Equity, Inclusion, Access, Representation and Justice in the lives of our students, community, colleagues, and ourselves. We are vigilant in our work in the classroom and on stage. Together as faculty and staff, we will offer opportunities to our students, community, colleagues, and ourselves that represent many stories. We are committed to promoting positive change for all members of our community and for the advancement of education for all students.

We are reflecting on how to be better as a Department. We are working on developing processes and procedures to ensure we will provide a better education for all students in the classroom and on stage. We will communicate to our students the relevant decisions that will create a better future at MCC Theatre & Film Arts as these improvements are defined.

We have heard your voices, and we are answering this important call.