Thank you for visiting our Department Homepage! Communication classes for Fall 2021 are currently being offered online, hybrid and in person. Refer to the online class schedule to see our full list and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Countless studies have shown that academic, professional and personal success depends on your ability to communicate effectively. The Communication program at MCC offers a dynamic blend of theory and practical experience directed by a faculty of experienced and competent communicators.

MCC offers smaller class sizes enhancing the learning process through student interaction, collaborative learning, and interactive technology. Taking a communication course will prepare you to make the most of your education, your profession, and your personal and social relationships.

  • Develop skills for academic success
  • Increase your professional effectiveness
  • Create positive personal relationships.
  • Prepare to contribute to your community with confidence.
  • You cannot not communicate; learn to do it well. Join Us!