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Associate of Arts

Infernal MachineThe Associate of Arts in Theatre Arts at the Mesa Community College is a Liberal Arts degree. We seek to provide a blending of the benefits of a broad general education with a comprehensive understanding of the disciplines of theatre and the building of a modest area of specialization so that the student may identify their desire for further training and professional potential.

In common with other students of Mesa Community College, the Theatre student develops two main areas of academic learning: general studies (through the College-wide Comprehensive Education Program), and a broadly based Major with a choice of subjects for an area of specialization. Within the department’s focus, the student selects one from among the areas of emphasis: performance or production.

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Associate of Fine Arts

This degree provides motivated students with a well-rounded liberal education as well as vigorous training in the areas of acting, design/technical production, theatre education and cinema. Ideally, the training the student receives in this program allows them to seek an entry-level position in professional theatre, television, or film industries or to pursue further education at a University school or internship program. It is the goal of the faculty to give the student the classroom instruction, practical experience, and individual attention needed to form clear goals pertaining to a career in theatre and film.

Training in the design/technical program emphasizes a diverse combination of knowledge and skills. The student is encouraged to cultivate strong analytical skills based on knowledge of dramatic literature, world culture, the arts and humanities. Additional attention is focused on developing proficiencies in crewing, painting, communicative and computer aided design skills as they relate to theatrical design. Finally, by working on actual Theatre productions, the student learns the work ethic and time management skills needed for success in the field. It is fundamental to the mission of the program that the student is taught high professional standards and encouraged to think creatively.

Total Credits: 61-94

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Certificate of Completion in Technical Theatre

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Technical Theatre is designed to prepare students for a wide range of careers within theatre operations and production. The curriculum includes a foundation of applied skills within technical theatre including backstage personnel skills, as well as hands-on experience working on live theatre productions and events. Students may select from a choice of specializations in audio, costuming, group/solo cosplay, hair and makeup, lighting, properties, puppetry, and set/scenic construction. Program graduates can directly enter the workforce into positions such as cosplay actor, puppeteer, sound engineer, lighting technician, carpenter, scenic painter, stage crew, stage management, wardrobe crew, costume stitcher, costume crafts apprentice, and hair/makeup artist in a range of settings including live theatre, television and film, conferences and events, attractions and shows.

Students can earn an embedded Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Stage Crew along with one additional area: Audio Technician, Costuming, Group/Solo Cosplay, Hair and Makeup, Lighting, Properties, Puppetry, and Set/Scenic construction. An Associate in Arts, Fine Arts (AAFA), Emphasis in Theatre is also available for students interested in university transfer.

Total Credits 21-48

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