Virtual Incident Command Center

Command CenterCommand Center Virtual. Reality.

If it can happen out there, we can make it happen in here.

So real, it's unreal.

The Virtual Incident Command Center provides the most true-to-life incident command training program available anywhere. Through state-of-the-art customizable simulations, trainees will experience virtually everything they’d experience in the field. The same chaos. The same confusion. The same pressure. That way, when something happens for real, it’ll be their performance that’s unreal.

In a matter of days, you'll gain years of experience.

At the VICC, what would otherwise take years to experience can be experienced in days. And experienced over and over again. Until you get it right. Over and over again. Commercial fires. Chemical spills. Wildfires. Earthquakes. Floods. No matter the incident, you can train (and train and train) for it here. Simply put: you'll practice in here so you're perfect out there.

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