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Name Title Contact
Daniel Adams Supervisor, Admissions, Registration & Records SIS Security/Support
Adjunct Faculty
College Technology Services


Chris Mark Askew Adjunct Faculty
Ray Ramon Beaver CWR Consultant
Adjunct Faculty
Office of Dean Career-Tech Pro


Cesar E. Becerra, Ed.D. Manager: Career Engagement and Industry Connection
Adjunct Faculty - Counseling


Office: TC 50 - Room: 201

Steven Bernasek Adjunct Faculty
Michael Jay Betts Adjunct Faculty
Sebastian R Beyal Staff
Mark Santrach Bildilli Adjunct Faculty
Mozaffor Biswas Adjunct Faculty
Bryce W. Bond Faculty Chair - Residential Faculty - Electrical, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles


Office: TC 50 - Room: TC 204

Robert Bonura Residential Faculty - Manufacturing


Office: TC 50 - Room: TC-116

John E. Bramwell Adjunct Faculty - Technology
Deana Bright Administrative Specialist


480-844-3260 (fax)

Office: TC 50 - Room: 203

George B. Brooks Adjunct Faculty
Michael W. Bryant Instructor


Gary Lee Burley Adjunct Faculty
Corey L Bush Adjunct Faculty
Dennis Bushong Adjunct Faculty
David A. Cain, Ph.D. Residential Faculty - Construction Management
Program Director:

480-461-7377 (alternate)

928-310-4522 (mobile)

Office: TC 50 - Room: 119

Curtis Cleve Casey Residential Faculty - Welding
Program Director:


Office: 52 - Room: 111

Mike Childers Adjunct Faculty - Electronics

Office: TC 50 - Room: TC-416

Peter Conden Residential Faculty - Landscape Horticulture and Sustainable Agriculture


Office: TC 50 - Room: TC 422

Sally Correa Adjunct Faculty
James W Costello Adjunct Faculty
Jake William Craig Laboratory Technician Senior
Diana Cutolo Residential Faculty - Veterinary Technology


Office: MCC Other - Room: VTL

Jon D'Ambrosio Residential Faculty - Automotives


623-414-6557 (mobile)

Office: TC 50

Michael George Daly Adjunct Faculty
Dan Joseph Dangelo Adjunct Faculty
Teri Wiblin Davies Adjunct Faculty
Myles Mikala Denego Adjunct Faculty
Raymond E. Deskins Adjunct Faculty
Michael S. Drobitsky Residential Faculty - Welding Technology

480-773-1506 (alternate)

480-773-1506 (mobile)

Office: 52 - Room: DW 113

Jeannine Eicker Adjunct Faculty
Jaime Escobedo Adjunct Faculty
Michael A Farley Adjunct Faculty
Gary A. Fitzhugh Staff
Kimberly Focht, D.V.M. Residential Faculty - Veterinary Technology
Program Director:


Office: TC 50 - Room: TC 423

Chevelle Frantz Residential Faculty - Construction Management

480-291-3722 (mobile)

Office: TC 50

Alfred Richard Garcia CWR Consultant
Adjunct Faculty
Office of Dean Career-Tech Pro
Gary E. Gardner Adjunct Faculty
Michael Gaspar Residential Faculty - Sustainable Agriculture

Office: TC 50 - Room: TC 421

Michael Vincent Giuliano Adjunct Faculty
Adam A. Glawe Adjunct Faculty


Ray Gless, Ed.D. Adjunct Faculty - Agribusiness


602-319-1460 (mobile)

Brian James Green Adjunct Faculty
Jeff S Habel Faculty - OYO
Ken Hackler Residential Faculty - Automated Industrial Technology


602-672-1264 (mobile)

Office: TC 50 - Room: TC 412B

Keith Alan Hargis Adjunct Faculty
Kerry Grant Heaton Adjunct Faculty
Timothy Michael Helman CWR Consultant
Adjunct Faculty
Office of Dean Career-Tech Pro
Chris Adrian Hoyt Staff
Dale A. Hughes Adjunct Faculty
Joseph R. Huguez Adjunct Faculty
Daniel Hurst Adjunct Faculty
Huntting Z. Jessup Adjunct Faculty
Brad Robert Jirovec Laboratory Technician
Adjunct Faculty
Michael P. Johnson Adjunct Faculty
Julie Lana Johnston Graham Adjunct Faculty


Robert Lawrence Jones Adjunct Faculty
Stephen L Jordan Adjunct Faculty
Steven C. Julius Adjunct Faculty
Robert D. Kater Adjunct Faculty
Mehrzad Khorsandi Residential Faculty - Drafting


Kenny E. King Staff
Adjunct Faculty


James Kitchell Adjunct Faculty
Michael Kitchell Adjunct Faculty
Brian Kohlenberg Residential Faculty - Automated Industrial Technology

Office: TC 50 - Room: 412A

Gary William Kudes Adjunct Faculty
Gerald Lacy Adjunct Faculty


Diem Lanakai Adjunct Faculty
Trenton Larsen Adjunct Faculty
Veryl Edwin Law Staff
John D. Leivas CPAT Proctor
Karen Litts Laboratory Technician
Adjunct Faculty - Applied Sciences and Technology

602-769-3245 (mobile)

Office: 51 - Room: 51

Robert L Lopez Adjunct Faculty
Igor Mancic Residential Faculty - Welding


Office: 52 - Room: DW 111

Tonya Manning Adjunct Faculty
Joe Martinez Residential Faculty - Manufacturing


Office: TC 50 - Room: Tc206

Erik Kent Mauel Adjunct Faculty
Palmerino Mazzucco Residential Faculty - Electronics/Electromechanical


Office: TC 50

Harry Maxwell Mccool Staff
Justin T. McKay Adjunct Faculty
Sheri K. McLane Adjunct Faculty
Tammy (Tat) McMahon Residential Faculty - Veterinary Technology

480-600-1062 (mobile)

Office: MCC Other - Room: VTL

David Martinez Medrano Adjunct Faculty
Cody Metcalf Instructor
Jordan C Meza Adjunct Faculty
Steve Edward Miller Adjunct Faculty
Ricardo Casillas Mota Adjunct Faculty
Jennifer Moyer Adjunct Faculty
Joe Neglia Residential Faculty - Electronics
Program Director:


Office: TC 50 - Room: TC-420

Minh Nghiem Adjunct Faculty
Maria J Ornelas Adjunct Faculty
Donna Parker Administrative Specialist Sr


480-461-7137 (alternate)

480-296-4970 (mobile)

480-461-7309 (fax)

Office: TC 50 - Room: TC 203

Donald Jesse Price Adjunct Faculty
David Pulido Residential Faculty - Administration of Justice
Administration of Justice Studies

831-524-6016 (mobile)

Office: SC 14 - Room: 15A

Glen A. Quizaman Adjunct Faculty
Tyler B Ray Adjunct Faculty
Alexis Reid Adjunct Faculty
Richard B. Rice Adjunct Faculty
Johnathan David Roberts Adjunct Faculty
Jeffrey Ronay Adjunct Faculty
Computer Information Systems
Richard Lee Rozinski Adjunct Faculty
Greg Ruiz Adjunct Faculty
Greg A. Serrano Instructor
Jonathon A Sheridan Laboratory Technician
Paul Shupe Laboratory Technician Senior


Hans Silberschlag, Ed.D. Residential Faculty - Fire Science ~ Fire Service Management
Program Director:


480-461-6311 (alternate)

602-228-4117 (mobile)

Office: Downtown Center - Room: 437

Thomas Simeone Adjunct Faculty
Stephen Skroch Residential Faculty - Automotive Service


Office: TC 50 - Room: TC229-TC2251

Ryan K Stimson Staff
Jonathan Strait Residential Faculty - Automotive Technology


Office: TC 50 - Room: TC 228

Christopher Stroops Adjunct Faculty
Duran T Thompson Adjunct Faculty
James Traicoff Electronics Lab Technician


480-461-7357 (alternate)

Office: TC 50 - Room: 415

Neil B Urban Adjunct Faculty
Todd Verch Residential Faculty - drafting


Office: TC 50 - Room: TC107

Robert A. Verch Adjunct Faculty
Janelle Deon Verch Adjunct Faculty
Steve Vergara Adjunct Faculty
John Vlcek Laboratory Technician
Adjunct Faculty - Applied Sciences and Technology

Office: TC 50 - Room: TC225

Kevin T. Weaver Residential Faculty - Manufacturing


Office: TC 50 - Room: TC122

Travis Jerome Webb Adjunct Faculty
Anthony K Welch Staff
Mark Woehl Residential Faculty - Construction Trades


623-703-7110 (mobile)

Office: TC 50 - Room: TC114

Madison Rae Wolfe Adjunct Faculty
Lorin Wright Adjunct Faculty
Christopher A. Wulff Adjunct Faculty
Reta Dodd Yanik Adjunct Faculty