Tableau Analytics

Tableau is a data visualization and analytics software used at MCC and MCCCD since 2017. This software allows us to post powerful and interactive reports and dashboards online for access by college employees or the general public. Previously, MCC used a data analytics system known internally as Datasphere (e.g. Blackboard Analytics). More info about the transition from Datasphere to Tableau can be found on this Intranet post (MCC employee login required).

How can I get access to the Maricopa Tableau Analytics Server?

If you previously had Datasphere access at MCC, you should also have Tableau access. If you are an MCC employee and would like to request access, please fill out this Tableau User Request Form. Accounts may take 1-2 weeks to create, depending on the workload of the district office. Contact Dennis Mitchell in the MCC Office of Institutional Effectiveness with any questions. An OIE staff member will contact you once your account is created.

Trouble Logging into or using Tableau Server?

Please read this guide and follow the instructions: How to Log Into the Maricopa Tableau Analytics Server.

The Tableau Quick Reference Guide also provides an overview of the basic functions of Tableau dashboards such as filtering.

What Data Can I Find in Tableau?

Available Tableau reports and dashboards are grouped below by content type. We publish both public and password-protected employee Tableau reports and dashboards. Public dashboards can be accessed by anyone and do not require a login. Password-protected employee Tableau reports and dashboards are stored on the Maricopa Tableau Analytics Server and require permission to access. Public dashboards generally contain more limited data and filter options than employee dashboards, often due to FERPA regulations.

Most dashboards require employee access with an activated Tableau account. If you do not have a Tableau account, use the form above to request access. Instructions on how to login can be found in the Resources section at the bottom of this page.

The Dashboard for Equity Guide provides instructions and example question for navigating existing tableau dashboards through an equity lens.

Enrollment Monitoring Dashboards

Enrollment Graph

Student Profile and Trends Dashboards

Student Demographics table

Spring 2021 Enrollment Monitoring Dashboards

Mesa Dashboard | District Dashboard


Fall 2020 Enrollment Monitoring Dashboards

Mesa Dashboard | District Dashboard


Archived MCC Enrollment Monitoring Dashboards

Spring 2020 | Summer 2020

Spring 2019 | Summer 2019 | Fall 2019

Summer 2018 | Fall 2018

MCC Student Profile Dashboards

Employee Dashboard | Public Dashboard


Students by Academic Plan (Student Goals)


MCC Student Trends

Headcount Trend by Location, Mode, Department

Headcount Trend by Prefix

Headcount Trend by Course

Student Demographic Trend


10-Year Headcount Trends

Fall 45th Day

Spring 45th Day

Fiscal Year


Student Demographic Comparison (Compare the demographics of a selected cohort to the MCC student body as a whole. Employee Access.)


District Discipline Summary Metrics (Majors, Awards and Transfer - Employee Access)

Student Success and Outcomes Dashboards

student success outcomes graph

Course Scheduling and Trends Dashboards

course scheduling and dashboard trends graph

Course Success

Course Success by Term

Course Success Trends by Term

Course Success Trends by AY (In Development)

Sortable Course Outcomes Table

Ranked Success Rate Table for Top 25 Courses

Ranked Failure Rate Table for Top 25 Courses

Ranked Withdrawal Rate Table for Top 25 Courses

Success Rate Table by Department-Prefix-Course

Failure Rate Table by Department-Prefix-Course

Withdrawal Rate Table by Department-Prefix-Course


Grade Distribution Trend - Fall

Grade Distribution Trend - Spring

Grade Distribution Trend - Summer

Grade Distribution Trend - Academic Year


Credit Momentum and Guided Pathways Metrics

NCII Guided Pathways Metrics (District Dashboard)


Term-to-Term Retention (Persistence)

MCC Student Retention Dashboard (In Development)


College Completion

MCC Awards Dashboard

MCC Awards by Title

MCC Awards by Student Demo

Scheduling Metrics

Scheduling Metrics Dashboard

Scheduling Metrics Table (by department, prefix and course)


Weekly Course Capacity Metrics

(fill rates and enrollment velocity)

Spring 2021

Fall 2020

Archived Terms

Spring 2020 | Summer 2020

Spring 2018 | Fall 2018 | Spring 2019

Summer 2019 | Fall 2019


Faculty Staffing Metrics

By Department

By Prefix

Scheduling metrics dashboard with faculty staffing filters


District Class Scheduling Dashboard Suite

Landing Page (Pre-select filters then click on the desired dashboard)

LIVE Class Schedule Dashboard

Schedule Overview Tables

Room Schedule Gantt Chart

Survey Results

mcc student satisfactory survey

Other Reports and Dashboards

full time teaching trend graph

MCC Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) Results

SSI Results by Benchmark

SSI Results by Item - All MCC

SSI Results by Year-to-Year Change and Statistical Significance


Survey of Entering Student Engagement 2017 Results - Select Mesa from the "Select Instiution" Dropdown filter. (Developed by CGCC IE)

Full-time Teaching Equivalent (FTTE) Trend


AIT Program Dashboards

AIT128 Wire Harness


Spring 2020 Modality Review Dashboard (This dashboard was created by the district and focuses on student and faculty prior online experience to inform moving instruction online/remote during the COVID-19 pandemic. A dashboard walk-through video is available here.)


COVID-19 Daily Student Drop/Withdrawal Tracker (Required user to be logged into VPN)

District Dashboards

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness at the district office also publishes system-wide dashboards. Some of the dashboards are included above, but a current listing of available dashboards can be found here.

How do I install Tableau?

You don't! Tableau provides a simple hover and click web interface for reports and dashboards. No extra software installation or special programs are needed to access Tableau, and your login to the Maricopa Tableau Analytics Server will use your normal MCC/MCCCD single-sign-on employee credentials. Read this guide on how to log into Tableau.

Where does Tableau data come?

Tableau provides high levels of flexibility in using various data sources to create reports and dashboards. Most of the data in our Tableau reports and dashboards comes from the Maricopa Institutional Research Information System (IRIS); most data in IRIS originates in SIS. However, we can also import other data sources through Excel or text files. The frequency of data updates will vary by report/dashboard, but data will be updated weekly at most since IRIS data is only updated weekly. Maricopa currently does not have a data solution that would allow us to provide daily data updates in Tableau.

However, as part of the current Maricopa Transformation process, district ITS is working on creating a new enterprise data warehouse that will contain data from SIS, CRM and Canvas and will eventually connect to other systems. This new system may provide the ability to create daily reports and more comprehensive and complex analytics.

Tableau Resources

How to Log Into the Maricopa Tableau Analytics Server

Tableau Quick Reference Guide


Contact Tricia White or Dennis Mitchell in the MCC Office of Institutional Effectiveness with any questions.