Student and Institutional Performance

MCC Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This MCC Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) report focuses primarily on student success, credit momentum, retention and completion. All KPIs align with the MCC Strategic Plan 2015-2020, and this report provides an overview of the college’s progress towards meeting the Strategic Priority Goals outlined in that plan. When possible, each KPI provides a trend for MCC and comparisons against peer colleges, often within Maricopa, NCCBP and the national peer group discussed on the next page. A Tableau dashboard provides a quick overview of each goal's status and recent data points and trends; the full report contains detailed information about data trends and peer rankings.

Governing Board Metrics

This report contains the MCCCD Governing Board Metrics, including MCC's rank compared to other MCCCD colleges.

National Community College Benchmark Project

Graduation and Transfer

The Graduation and Transfer Report below contains graduation and transfer ratesfor MCC's new-to-college cohorts as a whole and by selected student groups. In addition, the report contains updates on overall degree and certificate awards and transfer institutions of MCC graduates.

Degrees and Certificates Awarded

Transfers to an Arizona Public University

AZ Transfer now provides a variety of reporting to Maricopa colleges based on transfer students from the community colleges to a state public university (ASU, NAU and UA). Most reports below consider a transfer student to be one who transfers 12 or more credits from MCC to a university. See specific notes in each report for specifications.