Request for Drupal Training

Drupal Training

In order to receive Drupal training, you must have supervisor authorization and complete and sign the Drupal request form below. By signing the form you agree to all statements to comply with MCC web policies.

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By clicking submit at the end of this form, I understand and agree to all of the following terms:

These guidelines specifically cover issues relating to the appropriateness, security, best practices, plagiarism, copyright, accurate and timely content, and ADA accessibility. To review any of these guidelines please visit here.

  • I have read, reviewed, and been informed about the content, requirements, and expectations relating to website access and editing guidelines for employees at Mesa Community College. I have received a copy of these guidelines and agree to abide by the guidelines as a condition of my continuing access to the website.
  • I understand that only full-time classified employees and faculty, or adjunct faculty and/or RPS employees qualify to receive training. No students, interns, or volunteers will be given access to edit on the MCC website.
  • I understand the importance of understanding and abiding by all ADA accessibility requirements. MCC is a public institution and we are legally responsible to ensure our content is equally accessible to all visitors. Run all pages through the WAVE tool and correct any red flags:
  • I have reviewed the new Drupal 7 interface and feel confident I will be able to successfully edit areas of granted access. I understand I may ask for assistance or a training refresh at any time.
  • I understand that the website publicly represents Mesa Community College and displaying inaccurate or out-of-date information can be detrimental to the college. As an editor, I understand it is my obligation and responsibility to uphold the integrity of the college when posting information on the MCC website.
  • I understand that Institutional Advancement and Web Services have final authority on presentation, style, and format of the content in order to adhere to the pre-defined and MCC Leadership-approved design, and deviation from MCC website standards and guidelines will be subject to remedy by Institutional Advancement & Web Services.
  • I have reviewed the recommended documents carefully, and understand the guidelines, which include appropriate multimedia use, plagiarism, writing style, grammar, correct spelling and syntax, before I signed this document.
I understand that typing my name in this box constitutes a legal signature confirming that I acknowledge and agree to the above Terms of Acceptance.

Use the links below for review and reference:

If you have not been trained

Go to

  • This is the site we will reference and work in during training

  • Login by using your MEID username and password

  • You can practice creating a page here. Again, we will go through all of this during training.

  • This site is only available to employees at MCC. Whatever you do on this site is private and won't go public. So if you make a mistake, it is okay; you won't crash our website. This site is meant to mimic our page but is not published anywhere.

  • Following training, you will still have access to this site and can feel free to build your pages here, before posting on our actual website.

If you have completed training

Go to

  • Login by using your MEID username and password

  • Once logged in, you will have access to your department's pages and can make any edits that you want.

    • Add Content (where you can create new pages)

    • My Workbench (shows what you and your department have been working on)

    • Help (generalized help from the Drupal website team)