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Dawn Zimmer

Media Relations Manager

It’s the responsibility of Media Relations to keep MCC in the news and top of mind. As the first point of contact with the media, we both respond to press inquiries and pitch our news stories. We preserve a deep knowledge of MCC programs, stay aware of the college's latest achievements, and work collaboratively with the staff, faculty, and students to promote MCC through mainstream trade and social media.

The Media Relations and Communications groups often promote in tandem stories and events. While Communications gets the word out via on-campus media and the MCC website, Media Relations focuses on external audiences. Close collaboration between our groups ensures that everyone, both in the press and on MCC campuses, is on the same page with the latest, most accurate information.

You too can be a part of promoting MCC across the Valley and the rest of the country. All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit story ideas that may be of interest to the community and beyond. We want to hear from you and encourage you to reach out to us.

What Media Relations Does

Media Relations writes, posts, and distributes media information on a regular basis. Please direct questions or submit your story idea or media alert to Dawn Zimmer at 480-461-7892,