Graphic Design

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Graphic Design Programs & Degrees

Graphic design is more than just shapes and colors. It’s the strategic use of imagery and layout to support critical marketing and communications efforts. Which is really just business-speak for using cool visuals to promote, persuade, and inform.

What We Do

  • Promote MCC through printed and digital marketing materials.

  • Support the Marketing group’s efforts.

  • Provide graphic design services for internal departments.

  • Design print and digital ads, recruitment materials, brochures, reports, event invitations, promotional products, and more.

  • Establish and maintain MCC brand graphic standards and usage.

MCC has one full-time graphic designer who supports MCC’s marketing efforts while also providing graphic design services for internal departments. IA receives hundreds of design requests throughout the year. The priority of project requests for Institutional Advancement is marketing and recruitment materials. However, we also design brochures, flyers, analytics reports, event invitations, promotional products, and more. We do our best to accommodate all requests. However, there may be times we have to provide alternative recommendations for design and printing.

Graphic Design Templates

If IA is unable to meet your graphic design request deadline, please consider these other options:

  1. Use a graphic design template – See instructions below.

  2. Contact AlphaGraphics, an external vendor that provides graphic design services.

    AlphaGraphics West Mesa
    535 W Baseline Rd Ste 104
    Mesa, AZ 85210

Instructions for using a graphic design template.

  1. The template links below will prompt you to make a copy and save it to your own drive before doing any editing.
  2. Content within the template (headline, body, contact info, etc) may be edited for your event or program. Highlight the templated copy and type over it or delete it to add your own content.
  3. Photos on the templates are placeholders. If you want to use your own photo or image, click on the current photo and delete. To add your own photo, either drag it from your desktop or insert a photo. You may need to “send photo to back” so that it goes behind other content boxes.
  4. The QR codes in the templates are place holders and are not active for your purposes. If you use a QR code you will need to download one that links to your desired web page. To get a QR code from a free QR code generator (, copy your landing page URL, paste it in the QR code generator and you will be given a QR code to copy and paste into your template. Test the QR code to make sure it links to your landing page. Since this is a free service you only get a png file with a plain QR code, no logos or extra graphics.
  5. The MCC logo and the non-discrimination statement are REQUIRED on all fliers. Do NOT stretch or alter the MCC logo.

You must be a MCCCD employee in order to access these templates.

Graphic Design Guidelines for Project Requests

  1. Submit a request: The first step in requesting a graphic design project is to submit a request form through IA’s online project portal. On the form be sure to provide details about any special aspects of the project.
  2. Request is processed: Once the request is received, we will reach out to discuss project details to determine if IA has capacity to accept the project. If we are unable to accept the project, we may suggest optional design applications or we may recommend outsourcing the project to one of our printing vendors who also provide graphic design services.
  3. Move project into design phase: If your project request is accepted, IA will need all content and photos and any other assets provided to our designer before your project is placed in the design queue. Once your project is in the design queue it will take on average 2-3 weeks to complete your project. This timeline allows up to two revisions of the design and assumes a prompt final approval from the decision-maker.

Things to consider before submitting a graphic design request form:

  • In-house printing vs outsourcing: Pacific Automation is the copy center for MCC and can print basic copies at no additional cost to your department. In-house printing typically takes 1-3 days for flyers or posters. For higher production projects, unique projects or higher quality paper stock, an outside vendor will be required. Quotes for printing (and other services like mailing) are determined by the type of project. Printing (and shipping) may take 1- 6 weeks or longer, given continued supply chain issues.
  • Budget: Does your department have a budget for the project? Printing can be expensed with a purchase order or a Pcard.
  • Goal or purpose of the design project: Is the purpose of the flyer to recruit students, promote MCC brand, highlight student services, promote an event, recognize/reward, report data and progress, presentation of information, or something else? Is it aligned with MCC’s mission, vision, values and strategy?
  • Audience and channel: Who are you targeting with your design? What is the size of the audience? How do you plan to reach the audience and with what frequency? What methods will you use to reach your audience (email, social media, campus tv’s, on campus posts, direct mail, other?)
  • Call to action: What action do you want your audience to take when it sees or engages with the design? (Web link, QR code to learn more, call, email, register, etc.)
  • Timeline and deadline: When do you need the final product in hand? Work back from that deadline to determine the starting date for a project. How long will the design project be used? Should it be dated or be more evergreen so that you can use it year after year?