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Pam Dempsey

Graphic Designer


Are you interested in getting a Graphic Design degree or certificate from MCC? Click below for more information.

Graphic Design Programs & Degrees

Graphic design is more than just shapes and colors. It’s the strategic use of imagery and layout to support critical marketing and communications efforts. Which is really just business speak for using cool visuals to promote, persuade, and inform.

Our dedicated, in-house Graphic Design group offers critical advantages in the overall promotion of MCC. It means we can support marketing and advertising efforts when needed, create printed materials for Institutional Advancement initiatives, and provide top-notch, professional services to an internal clientele.

Oh, we’re way more than just shapes and colors. We’re Graphic Design.

What We Do

  • Promote MCC through printed and digital marketing materials
  • Support the Marketing group’s efforts
  • Provide graphic design services for internal clientele
  • Design brochures, event invitations, promotional products, print advertising, etc.
  • Establish and maintain MCC brand graphic standards and usage