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Marcy Snitzer

Associate Vice President, Communications, Marketing, and Advancement


Jeremy Byrum

PR Marketing Analyst Senior


Jennifer Biggs



The focus of the Communications group is MCC employees. And our mission is to keep our valued employees well informed of what’s happening at the college through various media platforms – both around campus and online.

We publish news and information through the MCC Employee Intranet. We post important notifications to our digital roadside marquees and electronic hallway bulletin boards. We even update the MCC Facebook and Twitter pages with the latest announcements.

Keep in mind, however, that Communications is distinct from the Media Relations group. While Media Relations is contacted by reporters and pitches stories to the local press, Communications owns and controls the internal media that MCC uses. Close collaboration between our groups ensures that everyone’s on the same page with the latest information.

Bottom line is, if you and your colleagues need to know about it, we’ll make sure you do.

What We Do

  • Publish news and information to the employee intranet.
  • Train employees on the use of the intranet.
  • Feature events in a weekly email to alumni.
  • Create and post messages to electronic marquees and bulletin boards.
  • Partner with Media Relations to maintain the MCC accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.
  • Partner with Media Relations to photograph individuals and events for publicity use.

Get the Word Out!

Employees can submit items to the MCC Intranet. Access to MCC's other media is through Institutional Advancement. More information is available on the Get the Word Out page.