Drupal Information and Training Materials

Website Editor Access and Training

Can you get access to the edit the website? Yes!

Full-time MCC employees may request access to edit their department's pages on our website. We require all editors to go through a training process. To get started:

  1. Review the website guidelines.
  2. Discuss this responsibility with your supervisor and get their permission.
  3. Complete the Drupal Training Request form.

We will reach out after you submit the form to schedule a virtual, one-on-one training session. The training typically takes about 45 minutes.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a content management system (CMS), that is used to make many of the websites and we use every day, including our website here at Mesa Community College.

Drupal Training Guide

Your training session will cover the most important information you will need as a Drupal editor. We have created a more comprehensive guide for you. This is a Google Doc and requires you to be logged in to your Maricopa Google account.

Open the training guide

Quick Reference

You can use the pages below for a quick reference on common editor tasks. More complete information is available in the Drupal Training Guide.

  1. Create a new page / edit an existing page. This entails adding text and formatting the content properly.
  2. Add an image to a page. This includes selecting an appropriate image, adding an ADA required ALT tag, adding a title tag (optional), and formatting the image once it is on the page.
  3. Create hyperlinks on a page. There are three (3) types: a link to download a document or form, an internal path to a page within the MCC website, and an external link to a page outside the MCC web.