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Amanda Hausman

Marketing Manager


It’s the mission of the Marketing group to promote MCC to prospective students, drive new enrollment leads and to serve as advocates to our faculty, students, and employees.

We employ professional marketing strategies and tactics to attract students, build enrollment, create awareness of our academic excellence and services, and bolster our leading position among competitive higher-learning organizations.

Marketing also serves as custodian of the MCC brand. Which means we tirelessly define, support, and oversee the brand values and image of the college for audiences both internal and external.

What We Do

  • Develop internal and external marketing planning.
  • Advertise the college in digital, print, broadcast, and out-of-home media.
  • Employ direct marketing strategies across various channels.
  • Create and deploy strategic e-marketing.
  • Develop creative concepts.
  • Provide creative and design services for internal clientele.
  • Update and develop web pages to drive new leads and retain current students.
  • Coordinate printing and fulfillment.